Matthew C. Kelly

Matthew C. Kelly


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Assistant Professor of Natural Resource Management, SFRES

  • Ph.D., Natural Resources Management, State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry
  • M.Sc., Natural Resources Management, State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry

People and Forests

Management decisions can have immediate and lasting effects on forest ecosystems and the many benefits they provide.   I am interested in understanding the various economic and social factors that influence decisions of private forest landowners and logging contractors.  Both are critical links in the wood products supply chain and both contribute positively to rural communities.  Maintaining a sustainable wood supply chain is increasingly important as society looks to increase utilization of renewable resources and decrease dependency on more environmentally malignant materials.  Sustaining ecological and social values of forests while ushering in an era of increased utilization can be accomplished only if management decisions and policies are informed by scientific research, stakeholder involvement, and deliberate planning.

Links of Interest

Areas of Expertise

  • Forest operations
  • Forest and natural resource management
  • Human dimensions of natural resources
  • Watershed management
  • Natural resources policy

Recent Publications

  • Kelly, M.C., R.H. Germain, and S. Bick. In Press. Impacts of forestry best management practices on logging costs and productivity in the Northeast U.S.A. Journal of Forestry
  • Kelly, M.C., R.H. Germain, and S.A. Mack. 2016. Forest conservation programs and the landowners who prefer them: Profiling family forest owners in the New York City Watershed. Land Use Policy. 50 (17-28). Read More
  • Kelly, M.C. and R.H. Germain. 2016. Is it efficient to single-handedly run a multi-machine harvesting operation? A case study from the Northeast United States. International Journal of Forest Engineering. 27(3): 140-150. Read More
  • Germain, R.H., Bick, S., Kelly, M.C., Benjamin, J. and W. Ferrand. 2016. A case study of three high-performing contract loggers with distinct harvest systems: Are they thriving, striving or just surviving? Forest Products Journal 66(1/2):97–105. Read More
  • Kelly, M.C., R.H. Germain, and S.V. Stehman. 2015. Family forest owner preferences for forest conservation programs: A New York case study. Forest Science. 61(3):597-603. Read More
  • Germain, R.H., S., Bick, J.G. Benjamin, W. Ferrand, and M.C. Kelly. 2014. Silviculture matters! But not without loggers. Proceedings, Annual Meeting, Council on Forest Engineering, Moline, IL.