Faculty Publications

The School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science faculty authors leading research that appears in a wide variety of scientific journals and publications. Select faculty members listed here to see some of their work.

Tara L. Bal

  • Bal, TL, Storer, AJ, Jurgensen, MF. 2017. Evidence of damage from exotic invasive earthworm activity was highly correlated to sugar maple dieback in the Upper Great Lakes region. Biological Invasions. Read More
  • Bal, TL, Storer, AJ, Jurgensen, MF, Doskey, PV, Amacher, MC, 2015. Nutrient stress predisposes and contributes to sugar maple dieback across its northern range: a review. Forestry 88 (1): 64-83. Read More
  • Bal, Tara L., 2014. Forest Health Detectives. The American Biology Teacher. 76 (8): 532-537 Read More
  • Bal, T.L., Richter, D.L,. Storer, A.J., and Jurgensen, M.F. 2013. The relationship of the Sapstreak Fungus, Ceratocystis virescens, to Sugar Maple Dieback and Decay in North Michigan. American Journal of Plant Science 4(2A): 436-443. Read More
  • Evaluation of Sugar Maple Dieback in the Upper Great Lakes Region and Development of a Forest Health Youth Education Program. PhD Dissertation. Michgian Technological University. 2013. Read More

William S. Breffle

  • Dillingham, R., W.S. Breffle, and M.C. Kelly. 2018. A latent-class discrete-choice model of demand for economics electives: A case study on the challenge to increase enrollment. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education. DOI: 10.1080/08841241.2018.1426673.
  • Bhattu, B., B. D. Barkdoll, and W.S. Breffle. 2017. A sustainability-based socio-technical-environmental project selection. Sustainable Water Resources Management. DOI 10.1007/s40899-017-0149-9.
  • Jin, Y., R.P. Donovan, and W.S. Breffle. 2016. A dynamic model to assess the carrying capacity of a defined system. Journal of Sustainable Development 9(4):151-164.
  • Breffle, W.S., M. Eiswerth, D. Muralidharan, and J. Thornton. 2015. Understanding how income influences willingness to pay for joint programs: A more equitable value measure for the less wealthy. Ecological Economics 109:17-25.
  • Wright, S., D. Muraliharan, A. Mayer, and W.S. Breffle. 2014. Using contingent valuation to estimate the willingness to pay for improved water supplies in rural Ugandan villages. Journal of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene for Development 4(3):490-498.
  • Breffle, W.S., D. Muralidharan, R.P. Donovan, F. Liu, A. Mukherjee, and Y. Jin. 2013. Socioeconomic evaluation of the impact of natural resource stressors on human-use services in the Great Lakes Environment: A Lake Michigan case study. Resources Policy 38:152-162.
  • Chestnut, L.C., R.D. Rowe, and W.S. Breffle. 2012. Economic valuation of mortality-risk reduction: stated preference estimates from the U.S. and Canada. Contemporary Economic Policy 30(3):399-416.
  • Breffle W.S., E.R. Morey, and J.A. Thacher. 2011. A joint latent-class model: combining Likert-scale preference statements with choice data to harvest preference heterogeneity. Environmental and Resource Economics 50:83-110.
  • Breffle, W. S. 2009. In pursuit of the optimal design: a guide for choice experiment practitioners. International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics 14(S09):3-14.
  • Breffle, W. S., Maroney, K. K. 2009. The restoration of fishing services and the conveyance of risk information in the southern California bight. Marine Policy 33:561-570.
  • Morey, E.R., W.S. Breffle, and P.A. Greene. 2008. Two Nested Constant-Elasticity-of-Substitution Models of Recreational Participation and Site Choice: An “Alternatives” Model and an “Expenditures” Model, in Revealed Preference Approaches to Environmental Valuation Volume I (J. Herriges and C. Kling, eds.), International Library of Environmental Economics and Policy, Ashgate Publishing Limited, U.K. 

Kristin Brzeski

  • Heppenheimer E., A. DeCandia, K. Brzeski, C. Braz, D. Rogers, K. Johnson, C. d’Orgeix,B. vonHoldt. In review. Genetic convergence among disjunct sky island populations of Slevin’s bunchgrass lizards ( Sceloporus slevin). Molecular Ecology.
  • Heppenheimer E., D. Cosio, K. Brzeski, D. Caudill, M. Chamberlain, J. Hinton, B. vonHoldt. 2018. Demographic history influences spatial patterns of genetic diversity in recently expanded coyote ( Canis latrans) populations. Heredity. 120:183-195. doi:10.1038/s41437-017-0014-5.

  • vonHoldt, B., K. Brzeski, D. Wilcove, L. Rutledge. 2017. Redefining the impact of admixture and genomics in endangered species conservation. Conservation Letters. doi:10.1111/conl.12371

  • Cooper, J., O. Johnson, T. Davis, R. Terrill, K. Brzeski., J. Wolfe., A. Etingüe, L. Powell. 2017 . Notes on the distribution of the avifauna of Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea, with one new country record. Malimbus. 39(1):1-15

  • Brzeski, K., J. Wolfe., J. Cooper, L. Powell. 2016. Camera sighting of Congo Clawless otter in the midst of rapid development on mainland Equatorial Guinea. IUCN Otter Specialist Group Bulletin. 33 (1), 96-101.

  • Brzeski, K., M. DeBiasse, D. Rabon, M. Chamberlain, S. Taylor. 2016. Mitochondrial DNA variation in Eastern pre-Columbian canids. Journal of Heredity, 107:287-293.
  • Hinton, J., K. Brzeski, D. Rabon, M. Chamberlain. 2016. Effects of anthropogenic mortality on red wolf breeding pairs: Implications for red wolf recovery, Oryx:1-8. doi:10.1017/S0030605315000770

  • Brzeski, K., B. Bartel, W. Waddell, K. Wolf, D. Rabon, S. Taylor. 2015. Infectious disease and red wolf conservation: assessment of disease occurrence and associated risks. Journal of Mammalogy, 96:751-761.
  • Brzeski, K., D. Rabon, M. Chamberlain, L. Waits, S. Taylor. 2014. Inbreeding and inbreeding depression in endangered red wolves ( Canis rufus). Molecular Ecology, 23:4241–4255.

  • Brzeski, K., M. S. Gunther, J. Black. 2013. Evaluating river otter demography using noninvasive genetic methods. Journal of Wildlife Management, 77:1523-1531.
  • Wolfe, J, E. Johnson, P. Stouffer, F. Owens, E. DeLeon, E. Liffmann, Brzeski, K., et al. 2013. Annual survival of birds captured in a habitat island bordered by the urban matrix of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. South Eastern Naturalist, 12:492-499.

  • Wolfe, J., E. Johnson, P. Stouffer, E. Liffmann, E. DeLeon, K. Mokross, Brzeski, K. 2013. Brown Thrasher ( Toxostoma rufum) with bill deformity captured at Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center, Baton Rouge, LA. Journal of Louisiana Ornithology, 9:27-30.

Andrew J. Burton

  • Crowther, T.W., C.W. Rowe, W.R. Wieder, J.C. Carey, M.B. Machmuller, K.E.O. Todd-Brown, L.B. Snoek, S. Fang, G. Zhou, S.D. Allison, J.M. Blair, S.D. Bridgham, A.J. Burton, et al. 2016. Quantifying global soil C losses in response to warming. Nature 540:104-108. Read More
  • Carey, J.C., J. Tang, P.H. Templer, K.D. Kroeger, T.W. Crowther, A.J. Burton, J.S. Dukes, B. Emmett, S. Frey, et al. 2016. Temperature response of soil respiration largely unaltered with experimental warming. Proceedings National Academy of Sciences 113:13797-13802. Read More
  • Ebanyenle, E., A.J. Burton, A.J. Storer, D.L. Richter, J.A. Glaeser. 2016. Elevated tropospheric CO2 and O3 may not alter initial wood decomposition rate or wood-decaying fungal community composition of northern hardwoods. International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation 111:74-77. Read More
  • Ibanez, I., D. Zak, A.J. Burton, K. Pregtizer. 2016. Chronic nitrogen deposition alters allometric relationships in a dominant tree species: Implications for woody biomass production and ecosystem carbon storage. Ecological Applications 26:913-925. Read More
  • Gahagan, A., C.P. Giardina, J.S. King, D. Binkley, K.S. Pregitzer, and A.J. Burton. 2015. Carbon fluxes, storage and harvest removals through 60 years of stand development in red pine plantations and mixed hardwood stands in Northern Michigan, USA. Forest Ecology and Management 337:88-97. Read More
  • Frey, S.D., S. Ollinger, K. Nadelhoffer, R. Bowden, E. Brzostek, A. Burton, B.A. Caldwell, S. Crow, C.L. Goodale, A.S. Grandy, A. Finzi, M.G. Kramer, K. Lajtha, J. LeMoine, M. Martin, W.H. McDowell, R. Minocha, J.J. Sadowsky, P.H. Templer, and K. Wickings. 2014. Chronic nitrogen additions suppress decomposition and sequester soil carbon in temperate forests. Biogeochemistry 121:305-316. Read More
  • Kaarakka, L., P. Tamminen, A. Saarsalmi, M. Kukkola, H.S. Helmisaari, and A.J. Burton. 2014. Effects of repeated whole-tree harvesting on soil properties and tree growth in a Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) stand. Forest Ecology and Management 313:180-187. Read More
  • Talhelm, A.F., K.S. Pregitzer, M.E. Kubiske, D.R. Zak, C.E. Campany, A.J. Burton, R.E. Dickson, G.R. Hendrey, J.G. Isebrands, K.F. Lewin, J. Nagy, and D.F. Karnosky. 2014. Elevated carbon dioxide and ozone alter productivity and carbon storage in northern temperate forests. Global Change Biology 20:2492-2504. Read More
  • Jarvi, M.P., and A.J. Burton. 2013. Acclimation and soil moisture constrain sugar maple root respiration in experimentally warmed soil. Tree Physiology 33:949-959. Read More
  • Burton, A.J., J.C. Jarvey, M.P, Jarvi, D.R. Zak, and K.S. Pregitzer. 2012. Chronic N deposition alters root respiration-tissue N relationship in northern hardwood forests. Global Change Biology 18:258-266. Read More

Victor Busov

  • Yordanov YS, Ma C, Strauss SH, Busov VB (2014) EARLY BUD-BREAK 1 (EBB1) is a regulator of release from seasonal dormancy in poplar trees. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111: 10001-10006 Read More
  • Zawaski, Christine and Victor B. Busov. (2014) Roles of gibberellin catabolism and signaling in growth and physiological response to drought and short-day photoperiods in Populus trees. PLOS ONE, 9 (1), e86217 Read More
  • Wei, Hairong, Yordan Yordanov, Tatyana Georgieva, Xiang Li, and Victor Busov (2013) Nitrogen deprivation promotes Populus root growth through global transriptome reprogramming and activation of hierarchical genetic networks. New Phytol 200:483-497 Read More
  • Elias, Ani A., Victor B. Busov, Kevin R. Kosola, Cathleen Ma, Elizabeth Etherington, Olga Shevchenko, Harish Gandhi, David W. Pearce, Stewart B. Rood, and Steven H. Strauss. (2012) Green revolution trees: Semi-dwarfism transgenes modify gibberellins, promote root growth, enhance morphological diversity, and reduce competitiveness in Populus. Plant Physiol 160: 1130-1144 Read More
  • Yordanov Yordan, Sharon Regan and Victor Busov (2010) Members of the LATERAL ORGAN BOUNDARIES DOMAIN (LBD) Transcription Factors Family are Involved in Regulation of Secondary Growth in Populus. The Plant Cell. 22: 3662-3677 Read More
  • Gou, J., Strauss, S.H., Tsai, C.J., Fang, K., Chen, Y., Jiang, X., and Busov, V.B. (2010) Gibberellins Regulate Lateral Root Formation in Populus through Interactions with Auxin and Other Hormones. Plant Cell 22:623-639. Read More
  • Busov VB, Brunner AM, Strauss SH. 2008. Genes for control of plant stature and form. New Phytologist 177: 589-607. 

Molly A. Cavaleri

  • Cavaleri MA, Reed SC, Smith K, and Wood TE. (2015) Urgent need for warming experiments in tropical forests. Global Change Biology 21(6):2111-2121.
  • Ma R-Y, Zhang J-L, Cavaleri MA, Sterck F, Strijk JS, and Cao K-F. (2015) Convergent evolution towards high net carbon gain efficiency contributes to the shade tolerance of palms (Arecaceae). PLoS ONE, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0140384.
  • Coble AP, and Cavaleri MA. (2015) Light acclimation optimizes leaf functional traits despite height-related constraints in a canopy shading experiment. Oecologia, 177:1131-1143.
  • Cavaleri MA, Ostertag R, Cordell S, and Sack L. (2014) Native trees show conservative water use relative to invasive trees: results from a removal experiment in a Hawaiian wet forest. Conservation Physiology, 2(1): cou016. doi:10.1093/conphys/cou016.
  • Coble AP, and Cavaleri MA. (2014) Light drives vertical gradients of leaf morphology in a sugar maple (Acer saccharum) forest. Tree Physiology, 34: 146-158.
  • Coble AP, Autio A, Cavaleri MA, Binkley D, and Ryan MG. (2014) Converging patterns of vertical variability in leaf morphology and nitrogen across seven Eucalyptus plantations in Brazil and Hawaii, USA. Trees: Structure and Function, 28: 1-15.
  • Reed SC, Wood TE, Cavaleri MA. (2012) Tropical forests in a warming world. New Phytologist, 193: 27-29.
  • Wood TE, Cavaleri MA, and Reed SC. (2012) Tropical forest carbon balance in a warmer world: a critical review spanning microbial- to ecosystem-scale processes. Biological Reviews, 87: 912-927. 
  • Cavaleri MA and Sack L. (2010) Comparative water use of native and invasive plants at multiple scales: a global meta-analysis. Ecology, 91: 2705-2715..
  • Cavaleri MA, Oberbauer SF, Clark DB, Clark DA, and Ryan MG. (2010) Height is more important than light in determining leaf morphology in a tropical rain forest. Ecology, 91: 1730–1739. .
  • Ryan MG, Cavaleri MA, Almeida de Campi A, Penchel R, Senock RS and Stape JL. (2009) Wood CO2 efflux and foliar respiration for Eucalyptus in Hawaii and Brazil. Tree Physiology, 29: 1213-1222.
  • Cavaleri MA, Oberbauer SF, Ryan MG. (2008) Foliar and ecosystem respiration in an oldgrowth tropical rain forest. Plant, Cell and Environment, 31: 473-483.
  • Cavaleri MA, Oberbauer SF, Ryan MG (2006) Wood CO2 efflux in a primary tropical rain forest. Global Change Biology, 12: 2442-2458.
  • Cavaleri MA, Gilmore DW, Mozaffari M, Rosen CJ, Halbach TR. (2004) Hybrid poplar and forest soil response to municipal and industrial by-products: A greenhouse study. Journal of Environmental Quality, 33: 1055-1061. 

Rodney A. Chimner

  • Chimner, R.A., C.A. Ott*, C.H. Perry and R.K. Kolka. 2014. Developing and Evaluating Rapid Field Methods to Estimate Peat Carbon. Wetlands 34:1241-1246. DOI: 10.1007/s13157-014-0574-6.
  • Enriquez A.S. *, R.A. Chimner, P. Diehl, M.V. Cremona and G.L. Bonvissuto. 2015. Grazing intensity and precipitation levels influence C reservoirs in Northern Patagonia wet and mesic meadows. In press at Wetland Ecology and Management.
  • Schimelpfenig, D.W.*, D.J. Cooper and R.A. Chimner. 2014. Effectiveness of ditch blockage for restoring hydrologic and soil processes in mountain peatlands. Restoration Ecology 22: 257-265. DOI: 10.1111/rec.12053. 34
  • Chimner, R.A., G.L. Bonvissuto, M.V. Cremona, J.J. Gaitan, C.R. Lopez. 2011. Ecohydrological conditions of wetlands along a precipitation gradient in Patagonia, Argentina. Ecologia Austral 21:329-337.
  • Chimner R.A., D.J. Cooper and J.M. Lemly. 2010. Mountain fen distribution, types and restoration priorities, San Juan Mountains, Colorado, USA. Wetlands 30:763-771.
  • Chimner, R.A., J.M. Karberg. 2008. Long-term carbon accumulation in tropical mountain peatlands, Andes Mountains, Ecuador. Mires and Peat 3: Art. 4. 

Yvette Dickinson

  • Dickinson, Y.L., Battaglia, M.A. and Asherin, L.A. (2017) Evaluation of the FVS-CR Diameter Growth Model and Potential Modifications in Structurally-Complex Ponderosa Pine Forests. In: Keyser, C,E., Keyser, T.L. (eds.) Proceeding of the 2017 Forest vegetation simulator (FVS) e-Conference. e-Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS-224. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest 
  • Addington, R.N., Aplet, G.H., Battaglia, M.A., Briggs, J.S., Brown, P.M., Cheng, T.S., Dickinson, Y., Feinstein, J.A., Fornwalt, P.J., Gannon, B., Julian, C., Pelz, K.A., Regan, C.M., Thinnes, J., Truex, R., Underhill, J. and Wolk, B. (2017) Principles and Practices for the Restoration of Ponderosa Pine and Dry Mixed-Conifer Forests of the Colorado Front Range . RMRS General Technical Report 373, US Forest Service. 
  • Tinkham, W.T., Dickinson, Y., Hoffman, C.M., Battaglia, M.A., Ex, S., Smith, F. and Underhill, J.  (2017) Visualization guide to heterogeneous forest structures following treatment in the southern Rocky Mountains.   RMRS General Technical Report 365, US Forest Service.
  • Dickinson, Y.L. and Cadry, J.* (2017) Evaluation of tree designation methods for implementing spatially heterogeneous restoration: a mixed methods study.  Journal of Sustainable Forestry 36(1):47-64
  • Gauthier, R.* and Dickinson, Y. (2016) The effect of deer browse on a northern hardwood forest in Baraga County, MI. Partners News, April 2016.  Partners in Forestry Landowner Cooperative. Conover, WI.
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  • Dickinson, Y.L. and the Front Range Roundtable Spatial Heterogeneity Subgroup. (2014) Stand- and Landscape-Scale Desirable Forest Structures for a Restored Front Range. Colorado Forest Restoration Institute, Colorado State University, Technical Brief CFRI-TB-1402, Fort Collins, CO. 18 p.
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David J. Flaspohler

  • Haskell, D. D.J. Flaspohler, C. Webster, and M. Meyer. 2010 (accepted, in press). Variation in soil temperature, moisture, and plant growth with the addition of down woody material on lakeshore restoration sites. Restoration Ecology.
  • Webster, C.R., D.J. Flaspohler, R.D. Jackson, T. Meehan, C. Gratton. 2010 (accepted, in press). Diversity, productivity and landscape-level effects of grasslands managed for biomass production. Biofuels.
  • Ford, M. and D. Flaspohler. 2010 (accepted, in press). Scale-dependent response by breeding songbirds to residential development along Lake Superior. Wilson Bulletin of Ornithology.
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Robert E. Froese

  • Banskota, A., N. Kayastha, M.J. Falkowski, M.A. Wulder, R.E. Froese and J.C. White. 2015. Forest monitoring using Landsat time-series data – A review. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 40:362-384. Read More
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Kathleen E. Halvorsen

  • Banerjee*, A., K.E. Halvorsen, A. Eastmond-Spencer, and S.R. Sweitz. 2017. Sustainable development for whom and how? Exploring the gaps between popular discourses and ground reality using the Mexican Jatropha biodiesel case. Environmental Management 59:912-923.
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  • Norris, P., M. O’Rourke, A. Mayer, and K.E. Halvorsen. 2016. Doubling Down: Transdisciplinary Research Team Formation as a Wicked Problem. Invited Manuscript for Special Issue\Wicked Problems. Landscape and Urban Planning. 151(7).
  • Solomon Barry D., Aparajita Banerjee*, Alberto Acevedo, Kathleen E. Halvorsen, and Amarella Eastmond. 2015. Policies for the Sustainable Development of Biofuels in Pan America: A Review and Synthesis of Five Countries. Special Isssue of Environmental Management on Bioenergy across the Americas. 56(6)1276-1294.
  • NRC-NAS Committee on Economic and Environmental Impacts of Increasing Biofuels Production (Lave, L.B. (chair), I.C. Burke (co-chair), W.E. Tyner (co-chair), V.H. Dale, K.E. Halvorsen, J.D. Hill, S.R. Kaffka, K.C. Klasing, S.J. McGovern, J.A. Miranowski, A. Patrinos, J.L. Schnoor, D.R. Schweikhardt, T.L. Selfa, B.L. Sohngen, and J.A. Soria). 2011. Renewable Fuel Standard: Potential Economic and Environmental Effects of U.S. Biofuel Policy. Natural Research Council of the National Academies.  

Mike Hyslop

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