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3 hours ago - Drones make bridge inspections safer and easier to document. A complementary 3-D bridge app developed by the Michigan Tech Research Institute also streamlines defect records. 🛣🛤🌉 There are 612,677 bridges in the U.S. The annual Federal Highway Administration 2018 bridge deficiency report finds that more than 54,000 of them have at least one key element in poor or worse condition. The state of Michigan ranks 16th nationally, with 1,175 structurally deficient bridges, about 10.5 percent. 🛣🌉🛣 Documenting bridge defects isn't as simple as flying a drone and taking a few photos. Drones used by research scientist Colin Brooks, including a hexacopter and quadcopter, fly in 20-minute runs within line of sight below 120 meters (400 feet), outfitted with photogrammetry and thermal imagery gear that picks up nuances beyond what the human eye sees. From the top of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge, they can pick out a caterpillar crawling on the sidewalk handrail—or a crack in the bridge deck. Brooks explains that remote sensing’s power is in more than the details; interpreting the imagery data to extract useful information for managing transportation assets is the heart of his work. #mobilitymonday #bridges #drones #bridgerepairs #MTRI #michigantechresearchinstitute #mturesearch @mi_gov @mdotpicoftheday #michigandepartmentoftransportation #michigantech Read the full story on #michigantechnews (🔗in bio).
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5 hours ago - @RallidaeRule We miss you too! https://t.co/8JFJdHD3nE
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19 hours ago - "As mechanical engineers researching acoustics, a quiet room is music to our ears."
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Friday - Secant, cosine, tangent, sine 3.14159 🔸◼️🔸 Can you complete the cheer, Huskies? 🐾💛🖤 @mitchsmisfits 🖤💛🐾 #michigantech @mtuhuskies @mtu_hockey #followthehuskies #classicrivalry #huskiesvswildcats #theydontgetit #fightengineersfight #welovehockey 🏒🥅🏒#GoHuskies #johnnymac #flashback