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    The College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science offers:

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    From the Director

    We invite you to explore your options for a graduate degree here—where you will find some of the top forestry, ecology, wildlife, and biotechnology programs in the country, and research ranging from wetland carbon recycling in tropical ecosystems to sustainable biomass techniques in Michigan forests. Our affinity for the natural world brings us together socially and intellectually, from Friday coffee, to interacting one-on-one with experts at weekly seminars, as well as work and play in the Keweenaw Peninsula, where Michigan Tech has 5,264 acres of research and recreation forests.   

    Get to know us. Talk to who you want to work with. Grow in your research. It's about being a member of this scholarly community, and having opportunities to diversify.

    Our most successful applicants have identified who they want to work with. You'll find faculty contact information, a rundown of our ongoing research, published research, and opportunities for graduate assistantships.

    If you have questions about graduate study in our College, please contact me directly. I'm happy to help and look forward to meeting you.

    - Molly Cavaleri, Graduate Program Director