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    Guest Blog: Turning a Layoff into Creativity

    The pandemic’s impacts on our campus research ecosystem are many and varied. In her guest blog, disability services coordinator Christy Oslund shares how getting laid off and returning part-time opened creative opportunities. I knew the layoff calls were being made.
    I’d already gone through the first round of HR and supervisor phone calls and been told I was being reduced from full-time to three-quarters. As a single person, there is no other income to help support my household, but there are still many of the same costs that a family has: house, heat, car, insurance, phone. Losing part of my income was tough; I was hoping to be spared a layoff on top of that. By the time 5:30 p.m. came around, I thought, "The workday is over — I must be safe." Of course, that’s the point when the phone rang.

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