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The College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science at Michigan Technological University brings students, faculty, and researchers together to measure, map, model, analyze, and deploy solutions. 

 Woods. Water. Wildlife. The serenity they provide. The organisms they support. And the products they produce. More than 5,000 acres of University forests are set aside for research, education, recreation, and outreach. We're a scholarly community on a first-name basis—ready to help you grow in your research and create a career based on challenges facing our natural world.

Degree Programs

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Student Testimonial

"Given our changing world, we work to address the challenges in natural resource sustainability through education and training, novel research, innovation, and outreach."Mission Statement, Strategic Plan 2018

4th in the nation for forestry programs

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Michigan Tech CFRES Students Say

“I like being outside   •   We're up here in the UP surrounded by wilderness   •   I've always loved being out in the woods   •   I've always been interested in conservation   •   This is fun, measuring trees and out in the sun   •   Nature is pretty cool—I'd be sad if this went away   •   We care about our nation's natural resources   •   I come from a long line of loggers. I always wanted to protect the forest.”

Who We Are

Our forestry and master of forestry programs are SAF accredited.

  • 1
    hour in class, the rest of the day outdoors (integrated field practicum)
  • 1958
    the world's longest predator-prey study continues today
  • 17/13
    average class size, average lab size
  • $7,333
    average financial aid and scholarships, equaling 50 percent of tuition