Alumni and Friends

Alumni and Family

"The Michigan College of Mining and Technology is located at Houghton in the heart of the timber-producing and wood-utilizing district of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and of the Lake States in general. Because of this ideal location for teaching forestry, it has been possible to combine the advantages of class instruction with practical field work during the whole of the school year."—1950 Forester

Our name changed. But the surroundings, and passion for what we do hasn't. Since the first class of 15 students in 1936, we've helped thousands of skilled natural resources managers meet shared goals of conservation, sustainability, and wise stewardship of the natural world. Along the way, the College established a worldwide reputation—along with a healthy sense of humor, and lasting camaraderie. We'd love to see you again. Please join us at this year's Alumni Reunion for College and campus-wide events.