Professional Degrees—MF and MGIS

Data to model wildland fire emissions. Uncovering hidden waste footprints at old mining sites. Surveying, identifying, harvesting, and conserving forests in managed and natural landscapes. The School offers two field-based professional programs that build on our expertise, resources, and reputation—the Master of Forestry and Master of Geographic Information Science. Both programs allow students of any major to transform a bachelor's degrees in any field into a career in the city, the wilderness, or anywhere in between through a 30-credit course-work-only program.  

"Students who pursue these professional, field-based degrees are ready to go into the workforce."Andrew Storer, Dean

Professional Degrees

Master of Forestry 

No need for a forestry background. Take your bachelor's degree into the field to get you where you want to be: outdoors, doing work that sustains both a fulfilling career and the environment. 

Master of Geographic Information Science 

Map, analyze, and present geospatial data, rural landscapes to megacities. Expand on your bachelor's degree (any field) with project-based advanced learning. Enter the workforce with a skill set that can take you anywhere.

Accelerated Master of Forestry and accelerated Master of Geographic Information Science options are available to Michigan Tech students pursuing eligible undergraduate majors.