Jared Wolfe



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  • Research Assistant professor, SFRES
  • Ph.D. Wildlife Biology, Louisiana State University
  • M.S. Wildlife Biology, Humboldt State University
  • B.S. Vertebrate Ecology, Humboldt State University

Fields of Expertise

  • Ornithology
  • Neotropical and Afrotropical ecology
  • Long-term demographic monitoring of birds and mammals
  • Conservation biology

Recent Publications

  • Wolfe, J. D., R. S. Terrill, E. I. Johnson, L. L. Powell and T. B. Ryder. 2018. Neotropical bird molt: introduction to variation and adaptation. Studies in Avian Biology, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, Boca Raton, Florida. In press.

  • Johnson, E. I. and J. D. Wolfe. 2017. Molt in Neotropical Birds: Life History and Aging Criteria. Studies in Avian Biology, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, Boca Raton
  • Wolfe, J. D., C. J. Ralph, A. K. Wiegardt*. 2017. Bottom-up processes influence the demography and life-cycle phenology of Hawaiian bird communities. Ecology 98:2885-2899
  • Wiegardt, K. A.*, J. D. Wolfe, C. J. Ralph, J. L. Stephens and J. D. Alexander. 2017. Elevational movements of songbirds after the breeding season. Journal of Ecology and Evolution 7:7750-7764.

  • West, C., J. D. Wolfe, A. K. Wiegardt* and T. Williams-Claussen. 2017. Feasibility of California Condor recovery in northern California: assessing spatial and temporal patterns of contaminants using Surrogate species. Condor 119: 720-731.

  • Cooper, J., O. Johnson, T. Davis, R. Terrill, K. Brzeski., J. D. Wolfe, A. Etingüe* and L. Powell. 2017. Notes on the distribution of the avifauna of Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea, with one new country record. Malimbus 39:1-15.

  • Wiegardt, K. A.*, D. C. Barton and J. D. Wolfe. 2017. Upslope molt migration of the Wilson’s Warbler in the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion. Journal of Ornithology 88:47-52
  • Tempel, D., J. Keane, R. J. Gutiérrez, J. D. Wolfe, et al. 2016. Meta-analysis of California Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis occidentalis) territory occupancy in the Sierra Nevada: habitat associations and their implications for forest management. Condor 118:747-765.
  • Powell, L. L., J. D. Wolfe, E. I. Johnson and P. C. Stouffer. 2016. Forest recovery in post- pasture Amazonia: Testing a conceptual model of space use by insectivorous understory birds. Biological Conservation 94: 22-30.

  • Wolfe, J. D. et al. 2015. Island vs. countryside biogeography: an examination of how Amazonian birds respond to forest clearing and fragmentation. Ecosphere 6.12: 1-14.
  • Powell, L. L., G. Z. Zurita, J. D. Wolfe, E. I. Johnson and P. C. Stouffer. 2015. Changes in habitat use at rainforest edges through succession: A case study of understory birds in the Brazilian Amazon. Biotropica 47:723-732.

  • Wolfe, J. D. and E. I. Johnson. 2015. Geolocator reveals migratory and winter movements of a Prothonotary Warbler. Journal of Field Ornithology 86:238–243.

  • Powell, L. P., J. D. Wolfe, E. I. Johnson, J. E. Hines, J. D. Nichols, P. C. Stouffer . 2015. Heterogeneous movement of insectivorous Amazonian birds through primary and secondary