William G. Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning

Deans' Teaching Showcase

During each spring semester, the five college Deans will identify outstanding instructors within their unit. (Engineering-4, Sciences and Arts-5, Business-1, Forestry-1, and Technology-1) These twelve nominees (allocated proportionally by total number of affiliated faculty) will be announced one per week through the spring term. All twelve will be invited to an end-of-term luncheon at which they'll receive formal recognition and a small token of appreciation from the CTL.

Beginning in 2017, Deans' Teaching Showcase winners are considered (along with the distinguished teaching award finalists not selected) for three additional university-wide $1000 awards in targeted areas. Awards will be given for exceptional large classroom/introductory teaching, innovative or outside the classroom teaching methods, and/or curriculum or assessment development. Each awardee will be asked to make a presentation at a separate CTL event the following fall, sharing exceptional contributions and formally receiving recognition. Recipients take part in the next selection process.

Week Name Department/School
1 Paul van Susante COE/Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics
2 Lynn Artman Construction Management
3 John Jaszczak CSA/Physics (interim chair Chemistry)
4 Junhong (Jun) Min School of Business and Economics

Daisuke Minakata

COE/Civil and Environmental Engineering

Todd Arney

Guy Hembroff

Yu Cai

College of Computing
7 Paul Charlesworth CSA/Chemistry
8 Matthew Kelly School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
9 Faith Morrison COE
10 Nicholas Hendrickson College of Computing
11 Lisa Johnson de Gordillo CSA
12 Darnishia (Dar) Slade Pavlis Honors College
13 Timothy J. Schulz COE


Week Name Department/School
1 Cécile Piret CSA/Mathematical Sciences
2 Kris Mattila COE/Civil and Environmental Engineering
3 Jeffrey Wall School of Business and Economics
4 Joshua Ellis CSA/Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Chad Deering

Robert Barron

COE/Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences
6 Mike Hyslop School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
7 Ruihong Zhang CSA/Computer Science
8 Yongmei Jin COE/Materials Science and Engineering
9 John Irwin College of Computing
10 Roman Sidortsov CSA/Social Sciences
11 Tony Rogers COE/Chemical Engineering
12 Christopher Plummer CSA/Visual and Performing Arts


Week Name Department/School
1 Beth Reed CSA/Mathematical Sciences
2 Gowtham COE/Research Computing
3 Heather Knewtson School of Business and Economics
4 Raymond Shaw CSA/Physics
5 Glen Archer COE/Electrical & Computer Engineering
6 Tara Bal School of Forest Resources & Environmental Science
7 Don Lafreniere CSA/Social Sciences
8 Julia King COE/Chemical Engineering
9 Paul Buda College of Computing
10 Loredana Valenzano-Slough CSA/Chemistry
11 Martin Auer COE/Civil & Environmental Engineering
12 Steven Elmer CSA/Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology


Week Name Department/School
1 Gordon Parker Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics 
2 Scott Kuhl Computer Science
3 Mari Buche Business and Economics
4 Danny Miller Technology 
5 John Vucetich Forest Resouces and Environmental Science
6 Caryn Heldt Chemical Engineering
7 Andrew Galerneau Chemistry
8 Dean Johnson Business and Economics
9 Kit Cischke Electrical and Computer Engineering
10 David Wanless Technology
11 Molly Cavaleri Forest Resources and Environmental Science
12 David Olson Mathematical Sciences