Student rating of instruction

Students in all fall/spring sections with an enrollment of 6 or more will receive a survey to rate the instruction in that section unless a Dean/Chair (or designated departmental representative) exempts the section through communication with the CTL.

A move to an online evaluation system was approved by the Senate during Spring 2013.   Please refer to Senate Procedures and Senate Proposal 12-03 for information about the following:

  • Why and how are student evaluations administered at Michigan Tech?
  • How are student responses used?
  • What is the role of the William G. Jackson Center of Teaching and Learning?

Survey Structure

Survey Structure

Provided below is an overview of the standard survey structure for the Fall 2013 pilot phase and the Spring 2014 phase. Refer to the approved senate policy (Senate Proposal 22-13) for rationale, additional information and description of future plans.

Section TitleTargetSurvey Questions
The student’s own desire and preparedness for the course

The following questions are standard (required and uncustomizable):

  1. I understood the goals and objectives of this course.
  2. The goals and objectives of this course were relevant to me.
  3. My effort in this course was adequate to meet course objectives.
  4. I came prepared for each class session.
  5. Essay:  If you were meeting with another student about to start this class, what advice would you give him/her?
Fundamental attributes of quality teaching

The following questions are standard (required and uncustomizable):

  1. The instructor was enthusiastic about the subject matter of the course.
  2. The instructor communicated the course material clearly.
  3. The instructor engaged students by encouraging participation during class.
  4. The instructor engaged students by encouraging course preparation, reflection, or other activities outside of class.
  5. The instructor provided timely feedback on my work (homework, assignments, exams, etc.).
  6. The instructor displayed a personal interest in students and their learning.
  7. The instructor used technology appropriately.
  8. Taking everything into account, I consider this instructor to be an excellent teacher. (NOTE: Only until end of 2018-19 academic year)
  9. Essay: As I, the instructor, prepare to teach this class again, what aspects of this course (teaching methods, assignments, areas of emphasis, etc.) should I preserve that effectively furthered your learning?
  10. Essay: What aspects of this course should I change to improve student learning? Specifically, what would you suggest?
Content or course policies as determined by departments

Questions chosen/submitted by the chair or her/his designee at least two weeks prior to any evaluation period.  Possible examples include:

  • The instructor found ways to help students answer their own questions.
  • The organization of the class helped me to learn.
  • The pace of this course was consistent with my ability to learn the material.
  • The course grading policies were fair.
  • Given the opportunity, I would take another course from this instructor.

Examples of optional questions:

  • The instructional resources (textbooks, handouts, etc.) furthered my learning.
  • The classroom and equipment (if applicable) were adequate to support effective learning.
Individual practices within the class, as determined by the instructor

Questions entered into EvaluationKIT by instructors approximately one week prior to each evaluation period.  Examples include:

  • I wanted to take this course.
  • Class sessions were thought provoking.
  • The instructor made me aware of his/her scheduled office hours.
  • The instructor encouraged students to seek additional help outside of class.
  • The instructor used class time effectively.
  • The instructor made connections between new material and material previously covered in class.
  • I am more interested in the subject now than I was before I took this class.


Evaluations will be open for completion between 8:00 AM on the Friday two weeks before the last day of the semester and close at 11:59 PM on the Sunday before final exams.   (Summer tracks:  8:00 AM Friday one week prior to the end of the track through 11:59 PM Thursday before final exam day.)   

Participating students will receive email links and directions on how to complete evaluations 1-2 days prior to the beginning of the evaluation period as well as automatic e-mail reminders throughout the evaluation period.  For instructors who DO use Canvas, students will automatically be reminded through windows and links within each Canvas course.

The following EvaluationKIT videos may be helpful: