Teaching Professor

The Teaching Professor

The William G. Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning is please to provide access to the The Teaching Professor newsletter for all members of the Michigan Tech campus community. 

Since 1987 the newsletter has served as a trusted guide for tens of thousands of educators who teach in a wide range of disciplines and modalities.  Published weekly online, The Teaching Professor offers readers thoughtful advice on a wealth of critical topics, including planning and designing courses, promoting academic integrity, increasing student engagement, responding to course evaluations and feedback, dealing with difficult students, and developing effective activities and assignments.

To access the online Teaching Professor newsletter:

  • Visit teachingprofessor.com
  • When on campus you will have full access to all Teaching Professor content (including their extensive archive) if your computer/device is connected to the campus network.  With this method it is not necessary to create an account or log in to access the subscription on-campus.
  • Off campus access is also possible but does require you to create an account on the Teaching Professor website.  Please review this document for more information.