Roger Woods

Roger Woods


  • Teaching Professor in Operations Management, College of Business
  • Affiliated Senior Lecturer, Construction Management
  • MS, Industrial Engineering, New Mexico State University
  • BS, Computer Science/Business, University of Puget Sound


Roger Woods worked in industry as an industrial engineer and engineering manager at IBM's semiconductor plant in Essex Junction, Vermont. He has experience with manufacturing, engineering, and maintenance to improve the productivity of $2 billion manufacturing tools. Upon moving to Houghton and exiting the corporate world, Woods founded Homer Productivity Consultants, working with companies to create better business decisions through superior data and information.

Woods' hands-on teaching approach to problem-solving is derived from his consulting background. Using materials that blend course objectives with real business challenges, students learn through story problems and the use of spreadsheets to model difficult business decisions in a real-world context.

Spearheading the Business Development Experience, Woods advises students who apply their academic knowledge to on-campus business scenarios. He is also developing novel technology to analyze student work when academic integrity becomes a concern. This work is important since student-created spreadsheets are in business schools across the nation.

An engaged community member, Woods serves on the Keweenaw Co-op Board of Directors, Kiwanis, and the Copper Country Humane Society.


Teaching Interests

  • Decision Making

Research Interests

Applying classroom concepts to real-world examples