Deans' Teaching Showcase

During each spring semester, college Deans will identify outstanding instructors within their units. These thirteen nominees (allocated proportionally by total number of affiliated faculty) will be announced one per week through the spring term. All thirteen will be invited to an end-of-term luncheon at which they'll receive formal recognition and a small token of appreciation from the CTL.

Beginning in 2017, Deans' Teaching Showcase winners are considered for the university-wide CTL Instructional Awards in targeted areas. Awards will be given for exceptional large classroom/introductory teaching, innovative or outside the classroom teaching methods, curriculum development, and/or assessment. Each awardee is asked to make a presentation at a CTL event the following fall, sharing exceptional contributions and formally receiving recognition. Recipients may also take part in the next selection process.

Deans' Teaching Showcase Nominees

Week Name College/Department
1 Christopher "Kit" Cischke

College of Engineering/Electrical & Computer Engineering 

2 Patrick McFall College of Sciences and Arts/Mathematical Sciences
3 Charles Wallace College of Computing/Computer Science
4 Nathan Manser College of Engineering/Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences
5 Elena Giusarma College of Sciences and Arts/Physics
6 Roger Woods College of Business
7 David Wanless College of Engineering/Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
8 Lorri Reilly College of Sciences and Arts/Chemistry
9 Jaclyn Johnson College of Engineering/Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
10 Terri Frew College of Sciences and Arts/Visual and Performing Arts
11 Julia Burton College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
12 First Year Engineering Team College of Engineering/Engineering Fundamentals
13 Kathryn Hannum College of Sciences and Arts/Social Sciences