Staff Directory


Michael Meyer

Michael R. Meyer

  • Director - William G. Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning


  • Directs and coordinates center activities with those of other campus units
  • Holds pedagogical consultations with faculty and staff from all departments
  • Promotes new faculty development tools, training, and opportunities
  • Coordinates initiatives to support teaching and learning, such as the university testing center
  • Holds joint appointment as physics senior lecturer

Staff Listing

Chad Arney

Chad Arney

  • Director, Strategic Initiatives


  • Campus lead for the partnership with Keypath Education
  • Advocate for the development of high-quality online degree programs
  • Faculty outreach, training, and support 
Angela Cooke

Angela Cooke

  • Jackson CTL Coordinator


  • Provides administrative and clerical support to Jackson CTL Director, Staff and Faculty
  •  Forecasts and reconciles department budgets
  • Coordinates and organizes department-related reimbursements and budget transfers
  • Processes Employment Forms
  • Processes Purchase Orders
Jean DeClerck

Jean Straw DeClerck

  • Instructional Design & Assessment Specialist
  • MS in Rhetoric & Technical Communications, Michigan Technological University


  • Designs and delivers workshops in instructional technologies, pedagogical practices and course design
  • Assists faculty and programs in assessment plans that enable evidence-based action for meeting learning goals
  • Promotes collegial, knowledge-sharing initiatives to improve instructional practices across disciplines
Thomas Freeman

Thomas Freeman

  • Sr. Instructional Designer, Online Learning Specialist, Adjunct Instructor
  • M.Ed, The George Washington University


  • Specializes in the design, development and improvement of online learning courses
  • Provides instructional design services and teaches current best practices for teaching and learning online
  • Specializes in and assists with the development and improvement of online learning degree and certificate programs
  • Conducts training sessions and designs and delivers workshops and instructional materials covering online learning course design and development and Learning Management Systems use
Margaret Landsparger

Margaret A. Landsparger

  • Testing Center Manager


  • Oversees operations of Michigan Tech Testing Center
  • Manages a base of graduate student proctors
  • Manages the teaching awards process and organizes the annual banquet
Taylor Piering

Taylor Piering

  • Testing Center Specialist


  • Manages RegisterBlast exam submissions
  • Proctors student exams
  • Transfers information and exams between students and professors
Jeff Toorongian

Jeff Toorongian

  • Associate Director and Sr. Educational Technologist
  • Campus Accessible Technology Coordinator
  • Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC)


  • Specializes in development and production of video content for instructional contexts
  • Provides advanced support for the Canvas Learning Management System, Panopto-Huskycast video platform, and iClicker classroom response systems
  • Identifies and leverages technologies in support of course-level and university-wide learning goals
  • Provides instructional design services and promotes pedagogies to support online and blended teaching practices
  • Campus administrator, Panopto-Huskycast video platform
  • Supervises eLearning student academic support team
Linda Wanless

Linda S. Wanless

  • Educational Technologist
  • PhD Post-Secondary and Adult Education, Capella University


  • Provides advanced support for the Canvas Learning Management System, Panopto-Huskycast video platform, and iClicker classroom response systems
  • Assists with Student Rating of Instruction
  • Enjoys researching emerging learning environments and pedagogical approaches.
Dan Ye

Dan Ye

  • Instructional Designer


  • Specializes in the design and development of asynchronous online courses
  • Provides instructional design services based on best practices of online teaching and Quality Matters standards
  • Assists with creating accessible online course content