William G. Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning

Deans' Teaching Showcase

During each spring semester, college Deans will identify outstanding instructors within their unit. (Engineering-4, Sciences and Arts-5, Business-1, Forestry-1, Pavlis -1 and Computing-1) These thirteen nominees (allocated proportionally by total number of affiliated faculty) will be announced one per week through the spring term. All thirteen will be invited to an end-of-term luncheon at which they'll receive formal recognition and a small token of appreciation from the CTL.

Beginning in 2017, Deans' Teaching Showcase winners are considered (along with the distinguished teaching award finalists not selected) for additional university-wide awards in targeted areas. Awards will be given for exceptional large classroom/introductory teaching, innovative or outside the classroom teaching methods, curriculum development, and/or assessment. Each awardee will be asked to make a presentation at a CTL event the following fall, sharing exceptional contributions and formally receiving recognition. Recipients also take part in the next selection process.

Week Name Department/School
1 Katrina Black Physics                                                                            

AJ Hamlin

Amber Kemppainen  



Week Name Department/School
1 Paul van Susante COE/Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics
2 Lynn Artman Construction Management
3 John Jaszczak CSA/Physics (interim chair Chemistry)
4 Junhong (Jun) Min School of Business and Economics

Daisuke Minakata

COE/Civil and Environmental Engineering

Todd Arney

Guy Hembroff

Yu Cai

College of Computing
7 Paul Charlesworth CSA/Chemistry
8 Matthew Kelly School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
9 Faith Morrison COE
10 Nicholas Hendrickson Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
11 Lisa Johnson de Gordillo CSA
12 Darnishia (Dar) Slade Pavlis Honors College
13 Timothy J. Schulz COE


Week Name Department/School
1 Cécile Piret CSA/Mathematical Sciences
2 Kris Mattila COE/Civil and Environmental Engineering
3 Jeffrey Wall School of Business and Economics
4 Joshua Ellis CSA/Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Chad Deering

Robert Barron

COE/Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences
6 Mike Hyslop School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
7 Ruihong Zhang CSA/Computer Science
8 Yongmei Jin COE/Materials Science and Engineering
9 John Irwin Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
10 Roman Sidortsov CSA/Social Sciences
11 Tony Rogers COE/Chemical Engineering
12 Christopher Plummer CSA/Visual and Performing Arts


Week Name Department/School
1 Beth Reed CSA/Mathematical Sciences
2 Gowtham COE/Research Computing
3 Heather Knewtson School of Business and Economics
4 Raymond Shaw CSA/Physics
5 Glen Archer COE/Electrical & Computer Engineering
6 Tara Bal School of Forest Resources & Environmental Science
7 Don Lafreniere CSA/Social Sciences
8 Julia King COE/Chemical Engineering
9 Paul Buda College of Computing
10 Loredana Valenzano-Slough CSA/Chemistry
11 Martin Auer COE/Civil & Environmental Engineering
12 Steven Elmer CSA/Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology


Week Name Department/School
1 Gordon Parker Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics 
2 Scott Kuhl Computer Science
3 Mari Buche Business and Economics
4 Danny Miller Technology 
5 John Vucetich Forest Resouces and Environmental Science
6 Caryn Heldt Chemical Engineering
7 Andrew Galerneau Chemistry
8 Dean Johnson Business and Economics
9 Kit Cischke Electrical and Computer Engineering
10 David Wanless Technology
11 Molly Cavaleri Forest Resources and Environmental Science
12 David Olson Mathematical Sciences