Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEIS) Strategic Plan Update

In 2021, the College of Computing created a robust DEI strategic plan to better promote inclusivity, sense of belonging, diversity, and equity throughout the college. The strategic plan took great care to define the problem space and establish a robust framework that the college can use to make significant advances. This document, prepared in September 2023, is an update to the plan, which focuses on the specific actions we intend to make during the 2023-24 academic year.

Department of Applied Computing

Planning Domain: Enrollment, Advancement 
Monitor/Team Leader: Dan Fuhrmann

Goal #1

Increase Department of Applied Computing participation in the Michigan College/University Partnership (MiCUP) program and Husky Technology Pathways (HTP) scholarship.

Projected Outcomes from Baseline Timeline
1. Three new MiCUP students in Summer 2024 Summer 2024
2. Three new additional gifts for HTP 2-3 years
3. One new additional HTP scholarship 2-3 years
4. Partnerships for new collaborative programs and proposals 2-3 years
Three new AC faculty with MiCUP projects Summer 2024
Action Items Timeline

1. Encourage faculty participation in MiCUP program

December 2023
2. Work with Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) to prepare promotional material for MiCUP program, including reference to HTP scholarship March 2024
3. Work with Dept. of Advancement to prepare promotional material making HTP scholarship an advancement target for campaign August 2024
4. Visit to Wayne County Community College and Delta College March 2024

Department of Computer Science

Planning Domain: Implementation of DEI best practices 
Monitor/Team Leader: Linda Ott

Goal #2

Participate in the 2023-24 NCWIT Learning Circles program

Projected Outcomes from Baseline Timeline
1. Increased awareness of DEI best practices and issues Fall 2023
2. Implementation of at least one new DEI best practice by the end of academic year Spring 2024
Action Items Timeline
1. Participate in NCWIT training program  Fall 2023
2. Implement learning circle at MTU  Spring 2024