Applied Computer Science M.S.

Computer hardware and software are vital components of diverse systems.

Advances in data collection and analysis and ever-increasing computational power and availability mean that that computers are being used in to solve problems in countless new ways.

The rigorous application of computing to solve problems in another science, or virtually any domain, requires foundational and advanced knowledge in both computer science and the application domain.

Program Overview

The Michigan Tech Master of Applied Computer Science prepares students to apply computing within their chosen application domain. Graduates of the program will identify and apply principles in computer science to develop a rigorous solution to a problem in their application domain.

The program is designed for students who are completing a B.S. degree in a field outside of computer science and who wish to add computing credentials to their B.S. degree. Other students may also benefit by completing the M.S. in Applied Computer Science. Please consult with the program director or your advisor.

The M.S. in Applied Computer Science requires 30 hours of coursework, which can be completed on campus in three to four semesters. Students complete the degree program through a Coursework or a Report option.