Cybersecurity Experts Are in Demand

Cloud computing, e-commerce, remote healthcare, autonomous cars and buildings. Our world is increasingly reliant on cyber-based technologies, systems, networks, and devices, and the safe, secure access to personal data. Your career in cybersecurity will make an impact. Every day, hackers and cyber criminals launch new, more sophisticated computer viruses, malware, and scams that threaten the data our society relies on. In fact, it is estimated that cybercrime costs the global economy $600 billion a year.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Develop Next Generation Cyber Skills

Cooper Rellis

"The best part of Computing[MTU] is the community. Everyone I've met is helpful and welcoming and I don't feel out of place at all, even though I switched majors mid-semester."

Cooper Rellis, Cybersecurity

Acquire theoretical knowledge and practical know-how to strategically assess, plan, design, and implement effective cybersecurity defenses.

Learn best practices and techniques for software development, data assets design, and the management and protection of valuable computing infrastructure.

Develop trusted software systems in an enterprise team environment. And you'll understand the social, ethical, legal, and policy aspects of cybersecurity.

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The MTU RedTeam

The MTU RedTeam

The MTU RedTeam, a student organization that promotes a security-driven mindset among the student population, provides a community for those wishing to learn more about information security. In spring 2021, the RedTeam competed in the National Cyber League (NCL) capture-the-flag (CTF) team competition and placed third overall, and tied for first in score (defeating more than 900 teams from across the country). NCL competitions are a great way to gain experience in cybersecurity tools and boost your resume. Read an article about the RedTeam's NCL win on the Computing News Blog.

CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service

Thad Sander

The Michigan Tech CyberCorps Scholarship for Service program is a national program to recruit and train the next generation of security managers, IT professionals, and industrial control system professionals to meet the cybersecurity personnel needs of federal, state, local, and tribal governments. Scholarship benefits include full-time tuition and education-related fees, a generous stipend, professional development opportunities, and more. Applications are due February 1.
Pictured is third-year Cybersecurity student Thad Sander, who is a recipient of the CyberCorps Scholarship for Service. Read more about Thad on the Computing News Blog.

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