Demand for cybersecurity experts has never been greater.

Cloud computing, e-commerce, remote healthcare, autonomous cars and buildings. Our world is increasingly reliant on cyber-based technologies, systems, networks, and devices, and the safe, secure access to personal data. Your career in cybersecurity will make an impact.

At Michigan Tech you'll develop next-generation cyber skills to confront new and emerging cyber threats.

The MTU RedTeam

  • You'll acquire theoretical knowledge and practical know-how to strategically assess, plan, design, and implement effective cybersecurity defenses.
  • You'll learn best practices and techniques for software development, data assets design, and the management and protection of valuable computing infrastructure.
  • You'll develop trusted software systems in an enterprise team environment. And you'll understand the social, ethical, legal, and policy aspects of cybersecurity.

Every day, hackers and cyber criminals launch new, more sophisticated computer viruses, malware, and scams that threaten the data our society relies on. In fact, it is estimated that cybercrime costs the global economy $600 billion a year.

Cybersecurity students

Chose Your Concentration

1) Software Security

If you enjoy coding and want to develop secure and trusted software systems, this is the concentration for you. Learning and adopting best practices and techniques at each phase of the software development cycle is key to ensuring the strength the security of software systems and applications. In the Software Security concentration, you'll learn to systematically design, develop, deploy, and test trusted software and applications. You'll find and fix common software and application vulnerabilities, preventing attackers from exploiting them.

2) System and Network Security

If you prefer hands-on learning and want to secure IT systems and infrastructure, this is the concentration for you. You'll learn to manage and secure computer systems, networks, and IT infrastructure from unauthorized access, attacks, misuse, or damage by implementing security processes, technologies, and best practices. You'll combine multiple layers of defenses, implement security policies and controls, detect emerging threats before they infiltrate the network, and perform critical functions within a secure enterprise environment.

Recent Student Internships


Cybersecurity experts are in great demand. Your Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity from Michigan Tech prepares you for rewarding, well-compensated careers including:

  • Cybersecurity response specialist
  • Cybersecurity engineer
  • Cyber threat analyst
  • Security operations specialist
  • Information analyst
  • Security policy analyst/manager
  • Security architect, programmer, or engineer
  • Forensics analyst investigator
  • Ethical hacker/penetration analyst
  • IT auditor
  • Application security specialist
  • Network security analyst
  • Information assurance engineer