Public Health Informatics Certificate

Managing Public Health Data

Computing has become pervasive in the healthcare sector, and managing and deriving valuable information related to public health is critical. The Michigan Tech graduate certificate in Public Health Informatics teaches fundamental knowledge and competencies in the application of public health informatics.

The nine-credit program can be completed in two semesters, and fully online if you wish. The certificate is also advantageous for current Michigan Tech students who wish to expand their career opportunities. Each successfully completed Health Informatics graduate certificate can be applied to the Michigan Tech M.S. in Health Informatics.

Integrate and Analyze Public Health Data

The Public Health Informatics certificate prepares graduates for a variety of public health informatician roles. Students gain proficiency in health data definitions and standards, learn the basic functions and operations of public health information systems, plan and manage public health information systems projects, and more.

Successful students will recognize the importance of informatics in the healthcare sector and be able to integrate and analyze informatics in areas including clinical health, environmental risk, and population.

Learning Goals

Upon successful completion of the Public Health Informatics Certificate, students will:

  • Be able to recognize the use of informatics to integrate clinical health, environmental risk, and population health data for public health analysis;
  • Effectively integrate information systems containing distributed and centralized public and private data sources for the interest of public health; and
  • Implement solutions that assure confidentiality, security, and integrity of public health data analysis.

4 Classes, 2-3 Semesters

Fall Semester Spring Semester
SAT 5317 Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and Remote Patient Management (RPM) SAT 5165 Introduction to Big Data Analytics

SAT 5424 Population Health Informatics


KIP 4740 Epidemiology

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Michigan Tech offers a great array of subjects in the Master's in Health Informatics. The technical skills I obtain from the teaching faculty will ensure that I prevail in my field with a steady job plan and security. 

Abhinav Vuppala
Abhinav Vuppala
Graduate Student, Health Informatics