Foundations of Health Informatics

An Urgent Need for Health Informatics Credentials

In the fast-growing, data-driven healthcare sector, medical, clinical, information technology, and other professionals are recognizing the urgent need for essential health informatics credentials. Get started with the Foundations of Health Informatics certificate.

A Fundamentals Certificate

The Foundations of Health Informatics graduate certificate provides academic training in fundamental topic areas such as security and privacy, data analysis, programming, and system analysis. The 12-credit program that can be completed in two semesters and fully online if you wish.

Earn a Master's in Health Informatics

The Foundations certificate can be stacked with the 9-credit focus-area Health Informatics certificates in Artificial Intelligence, Public Health, and Security and Privacy. Successful completion of the Foundations certificate plus two of the three focused Health Informatics certificates, below, leads to the completion of the 30-credit Michigan Tech Master's in Health Informatics.

Foundations of Health Informatics Courses

The 12-credit Foundations certificate requires four courses, which are offered in the fall and/or spring semesters as follows.

Fall Semester Spring Semester
SAT 4650 Applied Computing in Python SAT 4650 Applied Computing in Python
UN 5550 Introduction to Data Science

UN 5550 Introduction to Data Science

SAT 5001 Introduction to Health Informatics

SAT 5131 Systems Analysis and Design

SAT 5111 Security and Privacy


Foundations of Health Informatics Learning Goals

Upon completion of the Foundations certificate, students will be able to:

  • Prepare, code, and process data for security and privacy, data analysis, and system analysis.
  • Use the data and apply appropriate methods to evaluate the results.

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    Our online Health Informatics MS Program is Best in the Midwest
  • 11th
    Our online Health Informatics M.S. program ranks 11th in the nation.
  • Top 30
    in the country for an affordable master's in health informatics degree

I chose Michigan Tech because it is renowned for its academic excellence and contributions to dynamic research. This school has received many accolades for providing quality education, which attracts students from different corners of the world to pursue their dreams. 

Aifat Aifat Naseem
Sifat Sifat Naseem
Graduate Student, Health Informatics