Master's in Health Informatics

Health Informatics Master of Science at Michigan Tech

The Health Informatics Graduate Program requires 30 credits of course work and/or research for the MS degree. The program offers core courses and three focus areas separate from its core courses. A custom plan of study for is formulated for each individual as they enter the program.

Program Requirements

  • Health Informatics Graduate Core Courses (12 credits)
  • Focus Areas (9-18 credits)
  • Elective courses or Report option or Thesis option (6-10 credits)

Core Courses

All four courses or 12 credits are required under coursework, report, and thesis options and are designed to provide foundational health informatics knowledge prior to completion of individual focus areas. Successful completion of these courses are expected to result in a student earning the Foundation of Health Informatics graduate certificate.

  • SAT 4650: Applied Computing in Python Programming (3 credits)
  • SAT 5001: Introduction to Health Informatics (3 credits)
  • SAT 5111: Security and Privacy (3 credits)
  • SAT 5131: Systems Analysis and Design (3 credits)

Focus Areas

At least six courses or 18 credits are required under coursework options. Four courses for the report option and three courses are required for thesis option. Each focus area requires 9 credits and includes a graduate certificate in the respective focus area. This allows students to stack 9 credit focus area graduate certificate(s) under the Foundations of Health Informatics (12 credits) certificate as they complete their MS in Health Informatics from Michigan Tech.

Elective Courses

A maximum of two courses or six credits may be used for elective credit.

  • Any SAT 5000 level course not taken from above
  • MA 5790: Predictive Modeling *
  • BA 5200: Information Systems Management  * 
  • FW 5083 : Programming Skills for Bioinformatics 
  • MA 5781: Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

* = Required courses to earn Graduate Certificate in Data Science

Curriculum Options

The program also permits three curriculum options: a thesis option, a report option, and a course work option.