Welcome from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Computing!

Tomorrow Needs Michigan Tech. This has always been true, but is now more so than ever. Computing has transitioned from being primarily a tool of productivity and industry to impacting every aspect of our lives. Ubiquitous access to knowledge and each other has already driven profound social and economic transformation, and the accelerating pace of change is leading to unimaginable futures.

In response, Michigan Tech created the College of Computing in 2019 to address the technological and talent needs of the 21st century. As Michigan’s only academic college solely focused on computing, we are a key provider of expertise and talent in artificial intelligence, applied computing, software engineering, data science, and cybersecurity. Moreover, through collaboration and academic partnerships, the college is helping the entire campus respond to digital transformation.

The College of Computing is composed of two academic departments (Computer Science and Applied Computing) and 13 degree programs. Our largest enrollment is in computer science, but we also have degrees in cybersecurity, electrical engineering technology, information technology (formerly computer network and system administration),health informatics, mechatronics, and software engineering. The common element in all is the critical role of computing. We are also a major partner in Michigan Tech’s interdisciplinary data science master’s degree program. Collectively, we award over 100 degrees each year and are one of the fastest growing units on campus.

As we grow, I hope you'll consider becoming part of the College of Computing family. Whether you are a prospective student, parent, or future colleague, I welcome you to join our community of computing professionals creating the future. Tomorrow needs you, too.

Dr. Dennis R. Livesay
Dave House Dean of Computing