Certificate: Industrial Robotics

Certificate in Industrial Robotics

The certificate in Industrial Robotics is designed to develop skills and competencies in operating, programming, and troubleshooting FANUC industrial robots and configuring and setting up the robotic vision systems commonly used to enhance industrial processes. The curriculum contains a significant laboratory component  in which students will operate industrial-scale FANUC robots and learn industry standards of Roboguide simulation software. The certificate also teaches skills related to the network security and cybersecurity of industrial control systems.

Required Core Coursework (8 Credits)

  • EET 5144 Real-Time Robotics Systems (4)
  • EET 5147 Industrial Robotic Vision System (4)

Electives (3 Credits)

Select one of the following courses from the elective list below:

  • EE 4723 Network Security (3)
  • EE 5455/MEEM 5300 Cybersecurity of Industrial Control Systems (3)
  • MEEM 5315 Cyber Security of Auto Systems (3)
  • SAT 3812 Cybersecurity I (3)

Course Descriptions