Human Biology—BS

Discover Yourself—From Your Molecules to Your Global Impact

Gain a deep understanding of humans through a biological perspective—from the chemical through organismal level, and how humans impact and interact with their environment. Our broad-based curriculum allows students to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to study, understand, and apply concepts in the real world. 

You will benefit from hands-on interdisciplinary opportunities in human health-related fields across our campus and beyond. Graduates will be ready for what tomorrow needs in human health in educational, industry, research, or healthcare settings.

Discover Human Biology

Human biology encompasses a variety of sub-disciplines such as anatomy, physiology, genetics, nutrition, ecology, evolution, and anthropology to understand human beings and human populations. Understanding each of these fields and their interrelationships is the key to advance human health.

Become a Certified EMT

Student training to become EMT.

Have you ever wanted to be the one with the skills and tools to save a life? Michigan Tech offers EMT training for students! We cover almost the entire cost of training in exchange for one year of service to our Emergency Medical Services team on campus. Find out if you're a good fit for our team.

Rigorous, But Flexible Curriculum

Our program requires students to complete a total of 120 academic credits. On average, a student can comfortably complete the degree within four years by taking an average of 15 credits, or four to five classes, each semester.

Take classes in the basic sciences of biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, which are essential for an understanding of human biology. You will be able to choose elective courses like microbiology, cancer biology, molecular diagnostics, cardiopulmonary physiology, developmental biology, and epidemiology to tailor the degree to your interests and goals. The BS in Human Biology, includes all commonly required and recommended courses for medical school.

Career Pathways

Our graduates are prepared for careers in research with public and private companies, teaching, and healthcare. Many of our graduates decide to pursue additional graduate training in Biological Sciences or health professional programs, such as Medical School.

In addition to the larger Michigan Tech Career Fair, the Medical Careers Series gives our students an opportunity to explore careers in the medical field and healthcare industry. Additionally, students can participate in our health professions interview workshop to prepare for admission interviews.