Medical Laboratory Science—BS

What is Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Lab Science prepares students to become board certified Medical Laboratory Scientists - health care professionals who detect disease and monitor patients' health through critical chemical, hematological, immunologic, microscopic, and bacteriological analyses on blood, tissues and bodily fluids.  Thier work allows physicians to make important decisions in the treatment and diagnosis of disease.

The Science Behind the Medicine

It’s all about options—and the options for Medical Laboratory Scientists—also known as clinical laboratory scientists or medical technologists—are pretty much limitless. Whether you’re seeking a career as a medical technologist, laboratory scientist, or teaching technologist; whether you’d like to work in a blood donation center, hospital, forensic lab, pharmaceutical lab, veterinary hospital, or in a research facility; your BS in Medical Laboratory Science from Michigan Tech will prepare you for the career of your design or for Medical School.

Medical Laboratory Scientists seek to improve and extend life by acting as diagnostic specialists. They serve as key members of the medical team, detecting disease and other conditions by performing critical chemical, hematological, immunologic, microscopic, and bacteriological analyses on blood, tissues, and bodily fluids.

An Established Program

Medical Laboratory Scientists are in demand, and Michigan Tech graduates are often at the front of the line. That’s because here, you learn by doing. You have the opportunity to work in cutting-edge labs and tackle high-level research projects alongside professors who are among the best in their field. You’ll also benefit from small class sizes (the average is about 30 students), personal advising, and one-on-one faculty interaction.

Degree Concentrations

There are different concentrations available with the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science.

Career Pathways - Get job security with 100 percent job placement

There is a nationwide critical shortage of medical laboratory science personnel - and demand continues to rise.  Our graduates experience a 100 percent placement rate and build careers as medical laboratory scientists in a variety of settings such as hospitals, forensic labs, pharmaceutical labs, veterinary hospitals, and research facilities.  Many others go on to health professional programs such as medical school.

Medical laboratory science is an excellent undergraduate degree for those pursuing any pre-health profession, as it gives you a greater understanding of the meaning behind laboratory testing.  As a student in our program, you'll enroll in a practicum prep course that will prepare you for interviews, applications, and everything else you need to be successful in the job field.