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Impact lives with a challenging, yet rewarding nursing degree from Michigan's flagship technological university. A nursing degree is one of the best a student can obtain in today's job market, leading to a rewarding career. Nursing is ranked #17 of the 100 Best Jobs according to US News and World Report.

To become a nurse, you must pass the NCLEX, which provides BSN graduates with their official nursing license. Thanks to Tech's individualized attention, small class sizes, hands-on experience, and rigorous curriculum, you'll graduate well prepared to take the NCLEX exam. You will participate in a NCLEX prep program to promote your success.

Get Hands-On Experience With Hundreds of Lab and Clinical Hours

Our faculty believes the best way to learn is with hands-on experience, which is why you'll complete over 1,000 clinical hours throughout the program. And while Tech has the latest technology available for you to practice on with our HAL Simulations and Anatomage table, your most meaningful learning comes from hands-on actual patient care—not hands-on simulation mannequin practice care.

Our emphasis on the clinical experience allows students to put what they have learned into practice. Each semester students participate in clinical rotations that increase in complexity and include a variety of settings. These supervised direct practical experiences contribute to our mission of developing professional, competent, and caring nurses.

Academic Families Provide Extra Student Support

Academic families is a tradition where upper level students "adopt" incoming students to help guide them through the first year of the educational program. The practice of academic families is well known in some European universities and is a great way to make first-year students feel more comfortable in a new environment.

"Academic families provided me with additional support in the nursing program particularly my first semester when everything was new to me. It was always nice to have someone to ask questions and then eventually become that support system during our later years in the program."Rachael Kostick

Licensure Information

Students considering pursuing an academic program that leads to professional licensure are advised that the Michigan Tech Nursing program prepares students to practice in the state of Michigan and is not intended to prepare students for out-of-state licensure. Michigan Tech has not yet determined whether its curriculum prepares students for licensure in any other state.

Students enrolled in Michigan Tech's Nursing program seeking to practice outside the state of Michigan are advised to contact the appropriate licensing agency within their home state to seek information and additional guidance before beginning a program outside of their home state. Graduates who want to practice in other states should also review those requirements via the NCSBN website.


The baccalaureate degree program in nursing at Michigan Technological University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, 202-887-6791.

The Michigan State Board of Nursing Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, 611 W. Ottawa Street, P.O. Box 30670, Lansing MI 48909, 517-373-7484, approves the Michigan Technological University Nursing program.

  • 6%
    increase in nursing jobs in the next decade
  • $77K+
    median annual salary for registered nurses
  • 71.7%
    healthcare organizations preferring BSN graduates over other nursing degrees

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Tomorrow Needs Talented Nurses

According to the BLS there will be a 6% increase in nursing jobs in the next decade. A bachelor of science degree in nursing prepares you for a successful career as a leader and manager in clinical nursing within a variety of health care settings, prepared to practice in rural as well as urban areas. The BSN program is designed to provide the stimulus and foundation for progression to the graduate level of academic preparation.

Career Opportunities for Nursing Majors

Your future career options are vast with a degree in nursing. Careers include:

  • Critical Care/ICU Nurse

  • Emergency Room Nurse

  • Home Health Nurse

  • Labor and Delivery Nurse

  • Legal Nurse Consultant

  • Medical-Surgical Nurse

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales

  • Nurse Case Manager

  • Occupational Nurse

  • Operating Room Nurse

  • Public Health Nurse

  • Travel Nurse

  • Telemedicine Nurse

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Learn more about studying nursing at Michigan's flagship technological university.

The clinical experience allowed my passion for nursing and compassion for people to really shine through. It made me realize nursing was the best choice I could have chosen for myself! In addition, I learned that I am able to persevere through challenges and problem-solve.

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Study Nursing at a Technological University

At Michigan Tech, you will build knowledge required to practice nursing within the roles of provider and manager of care, meeting personal needs as a mature, adaptable member within the nursing profession. You'll learn how to communicate effectively with persons through the use of verbal and non-verbal skills, written abilities, active listening, and informational technologies. You'll learn to think critically and creatively in the identification, analysis, and resolution of problems, issues, truth claims, and ethical issues.
You'll broaden your perspective with courses in the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts, and learn to live within a global and multicultural society. And you will do it at a technological university that  integrates mathematics, scientific knowledge, and research with nursing practice.

  • Get personalized attention: With less than thirty students in the whole program you'll build valuable relationships with experienced nursing practitioners who are world-class professors. They can help pair you with opportunities that meet your goals and provide valuable experience, giving the 1:1 guidance and support you need.
  • Find your nursing family: At Tech, upper level students "adopt" incoming students to help guide them through the first year of the educational program. It is a great way to make students feel more comfortable in a new environment.
  • No waiting list: Tech has no waiting list for admission, which means qualified students can get started right away. Graduating high school students are known as pre-nursing students and begin taking nursing prerequisites their first year at Tech. A transfer student who has completed their first year and all prerequisites can begin the nursing program as a second-year student right away. 
  • Get involved: Leverage your interest in nursing and enhance your leadership skills by getting involved with any number of clubs and professional organizations— Emergency Medical Services; Student Health and Wellness;Pre-Health Association; Association of Students for People, Environments, and Nature; and more.

Undergraduate Majors in Biological Sciences

Not sure which major is the right fit? No problem.
Just declare the General Sciences and Arts major, give yourself time, and decide when you arrive on campus. To learn more speak to an academic advisor.

Advising for Nursing

A positive and productive advising relationship is a key component of your success at Michigan Tech and your future career in nursing. You and your academic advisor will develop your academic plan, and your advisor will help you follow and complete your plan to ensure your success at Michigan Tech.

Tomorrow Needs You

Supercharge your nursing skills to meet the demands of an aging society at a flagship public research university powered by science, technology, engineering, and math. Graduate with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to meet personal needs as a mature, adaptable member within the nursing profession.

"I've grown through clinical experience. It is one thing to read about cholecystitis in the textbook and another to care for a patient with cholecystitis. My clinical experience often seems to go hand in hand with the material covered in the classroom setting, which makes the learning hands-on and exciting."Jari Juntti