Study Abroad

BL 4090 - Tropical Island Biology

Casey Huckins, PhD and Jill Fisher teach this 2 credit course as a broad survey of the biology and ecology of tropical island plant and animal communities in marine and terrestrial systems. We learn about these systems within the context of the geological history, human history and climate of these fragile tropical ecosystems.  Students collect data and experience the nature, dynamics and beauty of these island ecosystems and their incredible biodiversity, while gaining perspective from being in another country.


Gerace Research Centre in San Salvador, The Bahamas


Michigan Tech's Spring Break 2023

What will you do?

Daily experiences in the field are split between exploring and learning while hiking through tropical forests and habitats, and snorkeling through marine systems such as coral reefs, mangroves, and sea grasses. Most evenings are spent in the lab learning about the ecology and identification of organisms, and discussing and contemplating patterns and processes we observe.  


University vans to the airport, then by air to San Salvador Island, Bahamas.


A good attitude and desire to learn! Competent swimming and hiking skills. A letter of reference from another instructor and a passport.

Course Cost

Lab fee ($2,472.50) and 2 credits. Fee includes all transportation, course books, housing and meals on San Salvador,  travel insurance, departure taxes and customs fees. Students must provide their own snorkel gear. A buoyancy swim vest is provided and required.  


Contact Casey Huckins, Biological Sciences for more information and to apply for a spot in the class!