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General Sciences and Arts Program

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Exploring Majors? In between Majors? Undecided? Need to change your Major?

Many college students would like more time to explore possible career paths before choosing a major. In fact, more than half change their major at least once. The General Sciences and Arts Program gives you the advantage of time (up to three semesters) to explore the many options available at Michigan Tech without delaying graduation or losing money pursuing a major that isn't right for you.

Your academic advisor will help you plan your schedule with courses that satisfy the general education requirements of all majors and will provide resources and guidance to help you find a major that best suits your interests, talents and values.

Enroll in the General Sciences and Arts Program and invest in your future.

Exploring Majors is a Good Thing

Most students change their major at least once, and many change it three to four times during their years in college. Not being sure what you want to major in means you are open to exploring the options and to finding what is best for you. Exploring majors is a creative, positive space in which you learn more about what's available and more about yourself.

Being happy with your major = enthusiasm for learning, motivation for going to class, and a higher grade point average. Find the major that's best for you.

Resources for Success at Tech

Many resources are available to General Sciences and Arts Program students to help them choose the best major and design a rich educational experience.

SA1000 - Exploring Majors at Michigan Tech
This one-credit class offers information and opportunities to examine the many options for potential majors and careers.

Computer Labs
All students have access to the vast majority of computing labs on campus. Both PC and Mac computers are available for General Sciences and Arts Program students. Many software packages are available to help you with a variety of academic situations. Consultants and other students in the lab are friendly and helpful: they will lend their expertise and advice to anyone in the lab.

University Career Services
Career Services is a great place for everyone to learn more about themselves and their career choices, but it is an especially rich resource for General Sciences and Arts Program students. Career Services provides a wide range of information and services, including individual appointments regarding choice of major and career options connected to that specific major.