Biological Sciences—BS

All About Life

From the smallest cell to the largest mammal, biology is literally all around you. It’s the science of all life and living organisms—how they function, their origins and evolution, and the ways in which they interact with other living things and the environment.

With a BS in Biological Sciences from Michigan Tech, you’ll learn the basics of cells, genes, and organisms and apply it to the real world through innovative laboratory investigations, field research, and one-on-one work with professors. With a strong, quantitative education in natural sciences, you’ll have the framework needed to excel in whatever comes next—whether you’ve got your sights set on medical school, advanced graduate work, or a career in industry.

One-of-a-Kind Program

Learning about the living world from inside a classroom doesn’t make much sense. Michigan Tech’s location amid diverse ecosystems teeming with life—waters, forests, wetlands, and more—makes it a prime location to study biology. And you’ll have the opportunity to learn in up-to-date labs and research facilities, with access to some of the most advanced technology in the industry.

Career Pathways

Start with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, go anywhere. With a solid background in natural sciences, you can create the career of your choosing. The field of biology is wide open, with diverse career opportunities available in health care, industry, and more.