Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences Learning Center

COVID-19: Michigan Tech has suspended face-to-face learning center operations until further notice.  During this time, this Learning Center will offer assistance online. Follow the Appointment info below.


You can pick whatever platform you like the most to communicate with our coaches.

What We Do

The Biological Sciences Learning Center has resources to help you with your studies. If you are struggling with a biology concept—or just have a question—this is the place to go. You may make an individual appointment for help with a specific problem. Our learning center coaches are top students in the biological sciences, and they know first hand about the courses you are taking. Coaches also hold weekly group study sessions to help you with your specific course needs.

The Learning Center is also a place to get together with your fellow classmates to study as a group, to use computer images to study for a practical exam, to complete specific assignments that require computers, or to take advantage of references and other resources available in the Learning Center while working on a project.

Meet the Learning Center Coaches

  • Cacie Clifford, Bioinformatics
  • Kailee Kovach, Medical Laboratory Science
  • Sarah LewAllen, Medical Laboratory Science & Exercise Science
  • Justin Mitchell, Biological Sciences - Pre-Health Profession
  • Gavin Rye, Biological Sciences - Pre-Health Profession
  • Alexis Shatrau, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Rebecca Stone, Biological Sciences - Pre-Health Profession

Available Resources

In addition to Learning Center coaches, we have an assortment of resources and reference materials to assist you as you study, work on projects, or practice a presentation. Available resources include:

  • sample exams;
  • notes from previous classes;
  • textbooks;
  • models;
  • microscopes and slides;
  • a projector;
  • a document camera; and
  • computers and digital study materials.

Other departments also maintain Learning Centers to help ensure your academic success at Michigan Tech.