Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Experience

Biological Sciences: A Hub for Learning

Our undergraduate programs in biology, medical laboratory science (medical technology), bioinformatics, biochemistry and molecular biology, and pre-health professions along with our labs and facilities are growing. Studies are diverse and interdisciplinary in nature. Research is cutting-edge in topics including plant biochemistry and molecular biology; human ecosystems; human diseases; genetics and physiology; microbiology; and aquatic biology and ecology. Explore our degrees to learn more about what the Department of Biological Sciences can offer you.

Researcher with goggles and labcoat pouring a liquid in a lab

Biological Sciences—BS

Whether you’re interested in plants, animals, aquatics, or other living organisms, Michigan Tech’s location amid diverse ecosystems teeming with life—waters, forests, wetlands, and more—makes it a prime location to study biology. The BS in Biological Sciences provides a strong, quantitative education in the natural sciences, with a strong emphasis on high-level laboratory investigation and field research. Our graduates are thoroughly prepared and find success in medical school, advanced graduate programs, and careers in industry.

Gloved hands of a researcher holds a test tube fill of a solid

Medical Laboratory—BS

Investigate a program with a variety of innovative specializations and nearly limitless career opportunities. The BS in Medical Laboratory Sciences begins with the fundamentals, then allows you to focus on medical technology, cytotechnology, or secondary education—you can even choose the amount of time you spend on your degree. You’ll spend ample time in labs and research settings, including a yearlong clinical practicum. Our graduates are extremely employable and in high demand, easily finding careers and placements in a variety of settings.

Researchers in a lab, in goggles and labcoats, doing research at a lab table.


Fuse your interest in biology with your IT and computer skills with a BS in Bioinformatics. More than just studying concepts, you’ll become a specialist, using a variety of computational analyses to study, process, and analyze vast molecular biological data. Learn by doing in our specialized computations facilities and computing laboratories—all of which feature the latest software and technologies. You’ll benefit from a program that emphasizes a strong, quantitative education combined with cutting-edge research.

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Explore biologically important molecules, mechanisms, and processes—and gain practical laboratory experience while doing it. Major topics studied in biochemistry course work include purification of proteins; enzyme kinetics; intermediary metabolism and regulation; bioenergetics; membrane structure; mechanisms and regulation of protein, DNA, RNA, and polysaccharide synthesis; and current techniques in gene cloning and protein engineering. 

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Pre-Health Professions

Do you have interest in pursuing a career in health professions? Michigan Tech can help you make the first step into your future. With a degree in Biological Sciences, coupled with a pre-health professions concentration, you can prepare yourself for some of medicine’s most in-demand—and most rewarding—career paths.