Human Biology—BS Curriculum

This page outlines the 2022-23 degree requirements for Human Biology. This page is not an official list of degree requirements. Adjustments may be required due to curriculum changes. Current students should refer to their interactive degree audit.

Please contact our academic advisor, Travis, if you have any questions or wish to review your academic plan.

Major Requirements

Required Biology Courses 

Required Chemistry Courses

Required Math and Physics Courses

Major Electives

Choose at least 9 credits in the following biology courses

Choose 1 of the following courses in evolution

Choose 1 of the following courses in advanced physiology

Choose 1 of the following courses in human/environment interactions

Capstone Requirement 

Experiential Learning Requirement

Choose at least 5 credits from the following options:

Free Electives

Choose 7-14 free elective credits. Free electives are any class that is 1000-level or higher, but are not co-curricular courses. Consider choosing these credits carefully to earn a minor!

General Education

General Education is an important and required component of every Michigan Tech degree. Students are required to take 12 credits within the core general education courses and 12 credits within humanities, arts, and social sciences. In addition every Michigan Tech student is required to take 3 credits of co-curricular activities; these credits are required for graduating, but not included in the GPA calculations or in the overall credits required for the degree. Read more details about the general education requirements on the Registrar's Office website.