Get a taste of the language of business at a flagship technological university with a business minor. A minor allows you to specialize in a discipline outside of or complementary to your major.

To pursue a minor, you must first be enrolled in a bachelor's degree program and submit a request to add a minor to your curriculum through the Curriculum Change Portlet in MyMichiganTech. The minor advisor will receive notification and contact you with any questions prior to reviewing and approving your request. We recommend that you begin your minor studies as early as possible in your academic career.

See the College of Business minor audits for a listing of requirements for each minor. 


Differentiate yourself with a foundation of business skills. The minor in Business from Michigan Tech is a smart addition for any STEM student looking to advance in a company or organization, or start an enterprise of their own.

Business IT Solutions

Build foundational knowledge about how IT systems and business operations are developed, used, integrated, and managed. Students pursuing the Business IT Solutions minor at Michigan Tech analyze business challenges and design technical solutions to produce value for organizations and customers.

Construction Management

The $1.3 trillion construction industry requires a diverse team of leaders to manage projects and companies. A good fit for engineering and business majors seeking to enter industry at a management level, the Construction Management minor at Michigan Tech empowers you to apply specialized principles, practices, and procedures in the management of firms and projects.


No matter your major, a minor in Economics will help you examine and solve high-level business, economic, and social challenges. The ability to apply economics principles, coupled with a degree from Michigan Tech, will enhance decision-making in many fields of industry—including law, actuarial science, and engineering.

Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Innovation

Immerse yourself in new ventures, innovations, and emerging technologies. In the Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Innovation minor, Huskies will develop competencies for an entrepreneurial mindset, such as organizing and managing technology-based enterprises. Launch your career ready to transform leading technology industries.


Complement your STEM skills with a minor in FinTech (Financial Technology) from Michigan Tech—the only FinTech minor in the state. Open to all Michigan Tech students, with the minor in FinTech, you will become familiar with statistics, computer programming, and financial decision-making, while growing specialized skills in financial engineering, investments, risk management, and financial technology—competencies sought after by recruiters in the field.

Global Business

Travel the world while you earn college credit! All students can earn a minor in Global Business from Michigan Tech and combine a study-abroad or faculty-led travel experience with business, economics, and foreign language courses. You'll gain global career opportunities—and have a life-changing experience in another culture.