Macro-, Micro-, and Nano-sciences

Hands holding a petri dish

From characterizing individual atoms to macro-scale analysis, researchers at Michigan Technological University study materials along the entire scale spectrum: from nano to macro. Strengths in interconnected areas such as biomedical engineering, materials science, chemistry, and physics provides a foundation for a broad range of technological advances—with drastic industrial and societal impacts.

Researchers at Michigan Tech seek to find answers to questions stemming from macro-, micro-, and nano-sciences. They study microelectronics and ultra-high-strength lightweight nanostructures. They investigate the processing and characterization of new materials, optimize processing techniques, research nanoscale batteries, study 3D printing, and develop new material for industrial and medical uses. And they find new ways to apply existing engineering principles to solve novel materials problems. From atomic-level behavior to large-scale material characterization, Michigan Tech researchers study the science and applications of nearly every material around us.

Macro-, Micro-, and Nano-sciences News