Senior Design

Connecting Students and Industry Through Challenging Projects

Senior Design is a capstone option.

Our Senior Design program connects students and industry through challenging projects that have an open-ended design solution. You’ll work with other students on a small team, and make the project your top priority throughout your senior year. A faculty advisor for each team provides the right balance of instruction and coaching, enabling you to learn by doing. Teams have access to state-of-the-art design and collaboration tools, as well as dedicated fabrication facilities, labs, and design studios.

Senior Design functions more like a “first job” than a “last class”—providing the kind of relevant design experience that can launch you into a rewarding, successful career.

Sample Projects

  • 3D Printed Tissue Mimic Material Characterization and Analysis
  • Water Filtration System
  • Autonomous Lens Cleaning System
  • COVID-19 Decontamination Chamber
  • Custom Bicycle Frame Test Fixture for Fatigue Testing
  • Custom Designed and Fabricated Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer Test Grips
  • Economic Systems Analysis of Open Pit Gold Mine
  • Landing System for Uncertain Terrain
  • Locomotive Pinion Cutter Feed System
  • Material Characterization, Modeling, and Extrusion Optimization of Al-Ce-Mg Alloys
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Robotic Explorer for Hypothesized Surfaces
  • Special Operations Forces Tactical Tools
  • Turbine Engine Performance Improvement
Watch Gritty Jobs: Wastewater Testing video
Preview image for Gritty Jobs: Wastewater Testing video

Gritty Jobs: Wastewater Testing

Sure, some jobs are messy, difficult, weird — or all of the above.

But somebody’s got to do them. And there’s nobody like a Husky when it comes to embracing the grittiness and getting stuff done, even if that means scooping, pouring, and sampling residence hall wastewater as part of Tech’s COVID-19 testing program that kept our campus safe and healthy throughout the pandemic. Hands-on will never sound the same.

"This project utilized CALPHAD (Pandat) with machine learning (Bayesian Optimization) to identify new and promising alloy substitutions. These are very advanced techniques that are rarely introduced at the undergraduate level in most other MSE programs."Stephen Kampe, professor in materials science and engineering