Institute of Materials Processing (IMP)

A man standing near a stack of petri dishes.

The Institute of Materials Processing (IMP) is an innovative, nonprofit research facility. IMP focuses on the extraction, processing, recycling, and utilization of materials and resources. It conducts sponsored technology development, research, problem solving, training, and technology services for Michigan Technological University, the state of Michigan, other governmental units, and industry.

Materials studied include:

  • metallics,
  • ceramics,
  • polymers,
  • composites,
  • minerals,
  • and industrial processing wastes.

Expertise includes bench-top experimentation through process development, pilot plant scale-up, and commercialization.

Personnel at IMP work closely with Michigan Tech faculty members. Since the major focus of the Institute is accelerating technology transfer into the marketplace, most staff members are full-time, non-teaching research professionals. When necessary, the Institute can enter into confidentiality agreements with research sponsors and can undertake both proprietary and classified work. Cooperative development programs with other organizations are also strongly encouraged.

IMP can provide full or partial student support for advanced research in the materials and resource processing areas.

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