Life Sciences

Researchers on a boat

Biological sciences, chemistry, forestry, biomedical engineering, and chemical engineering—experts from all of these fields come together to form the platform for Michigan Technological University’s life sciences research. Life sciences span a wide area of scientific topics, from our planet’s land, water, and air to the creatures that call it home. Michigan Tech researchers study biological and chemical processes to better understand how to mitigate the spread of cancerous cells. And our new Great Lakes Research Center affords researchers countless new ways to study the freshwater surrounding Michigan Tech, whether in the lab, floating aboard one of our research vessels, or hundreds of feet below the surface via our fleet of subsurface vehicles.

Life sciences researchers at Tech have incredible regional assets. They investigate the industrial archeology of the Copper Country, documenting the impacts that the copper boom had on the area and the lasting effects of the industry. They date local artifacts to piece together a picture of life in the Keweenaw Peninsula from thousands of years ago. And they study environmental, biological, and chemical activities to make informed policy recommendations about the environment—locally, nationally, and worldwide.

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