Energy and Sustainability

Unfinished solar panel array stretches into the horizon

Issues of energy and sustainability are at the front of everyone’s minds—and it’s especially true for Michigan Technological University researchers. Scientists and experts from countless disciplines come together at Michigan Tech to tackle some of today’s most vexing problems. Involving researchers from almost every academic unit, energy and sustainability is one of the most interdisciplinary areas of research at Tech. And given the complex, interconnected nature of energy and sustainability, that’s precisely what makes our research excel.

At Tech, researchers from biology, chemistry, physics, forestry and environmental science, and nearly every engineering discipline collaborate in order to study issues of energy and sustainability. Scientists study our planet’s resources and find novel ways to transform them into the energy that powers our evolving society. From investigating alternative energy sources, like wind and bioenergy, to studying high-energy particle astrophysics to the sociology of adopting renewable energy sources and recycling programs, research at Michigan Tech reaches across departmental divisions to provide solutions to monumental problems.

Energy and Sustainability News