Research Development

Our mission: We empower Michigan Tech’s research community to build capacity for externally funded activities. Our team creates and nurtures relationships, inspires creativity, builds teams, improves proposals’ competitive advantage, and contributes to the continued growth of new initiatives. 

Research Development, in close collaboration with the Sponsored Programs Office, supports Michigan Tech's growth as a premier technological research university by providing faculty, staff, and students the resources to search and analyze relevant funding opportunities; develop competitive proposals and prepare accurate budget justifications; and evaluate reviewer feedback and plan for resubmission.

We encourage you to browse our online resources, participate in our seminars and workshops, and contact us for a proposal consultation early in the process.

Funding Sources

Research Development staff can assist you in searching funding sources that fit your research interest. The Sponsored Programs Office will work closely with you to make sure your proposal meets the solicitation requirements.

Types of Proposals

Research Development staff can assist you in writing any type of proposal. The Sponsored Programs Office will help you review, submit, and negotiate different types of proposals.

Proposal Development

Research Development staff will assist with integrating different agencies’ mission and goals into a competitive proposal. Likewise, the Sponsored Program Office will assist in making sure all proposal requirements are met before final submission. You will find the following proposal development pages provide essential tips for developing intellectual capital, integrating research and education, and explaining the value of innovative partnerships. We invite you to browse the guidebooks, references, resources, templates, and examples in the following pages—they were compiled with your Michigan Tech proposal needs in mind. If you are planning to submit a large proposal, please click here for some helpful Large Proposal Submission Guidelines.

Budget Planning

Research Development collaborates closely with the Sponsored Program Office to assist you in developing proposal budgets. Because rates and figures are constantly changing, please download the most current forms and worksheets from the web when planning your budget.