Keweenaw Research Center (KRC)

A rider on a snowmobile.

The Keweenaw Research Center (KRC) is a multidisciplinary research center active across a broad spectrum of vehicle development encompassing military, industrial, and commercial vehicle applications for over 60 years.  Full time professional staff conduct activities that include:

  • Full Vehicle & Sub System Performance Evaluation
  • Instrumentation & Data Acquisition
  • Validation & Durability Testing
  • Soil, Snow, and Terrain Characterization
  • Technology Integration & Evaluation
  • Prototype Development, Fabrication & Integration
  • Materiel Solution Development & Integration
  • Modeling & Simulation (Finite Element, Multi-Body. Blast, and Virtual World)
  • Human Machine Interfaces & Servo Controls
  • Soldier & Vehicle Protection
  • Autonomy and Vehicle Electronics

KRC maintains more than 900 acres of proving grounds, including many miles of specially prepared test areas and courses. Ride, handling and cornering performance loops, vehicle dynamics areas for gravel, ice, and packed snow, as well as engineered soil pits and various courses to evaluate operation over primary, secondary, trail and cross-country terrain all provide the backdrop for research in vehicle development.

With close proximity to campus, KRC provides ample opportunities for undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty to perform collaborative research in many areas of vehicle development.

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