Computation, Data, Electronics, and Sensing

A computer server stack

Computing has changed the world—there’s no denying it. Michigan Technological University researchers are at the forefront of these changes each and every day. Computation, data, electronics, and sensing research at Michigan Tech crosses countless engineering and science disciplines as well as many fields within the College of Computing.

Big data poses big research questions, and expert researchers at Michigan Tech tackle these issues with gusto. From the security of networks and data, to back-end data support, to distilling big data into useful sets, our work is on the cutting edge of computing and data. Major areas of electronics research include peta-scale computing and sensing while other researchers study automation and control systems. Research in computation, data, electronics, and sensing at Michigan Tech stretches far beyond just science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields; our experts use the information gleaned from these fields for other work in forecasting, modeling societal change in social sciences, and understanding how to better communicate electronics training topics for elderly populations.

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