Sponsored Programs

Sponsored Programs Office

Proposal Review, Submission, and Negotiation
The Sponsored Programs Office assists faculty and staff with proposal preparation and submissions to federal and state government agencies, universities and other various entities.  Assistance includes both budget preparation and proposal review for conformity to sponsor and internal guidelines.  Sponsored Programs staff also review and negotiate grant/contract terms and conditions with these entities and sub recipient collaborators.

The proposal preparation, review and submissions to industry and foreign entities are supported by the Office of Innovation and Commercialization.  Its staff also negotiates the grant/contract terms and conditions with them.

Sponsored Programs Accounting

The Sponsored Programs Accounting area establishes the accounts and helps faculty with the financial monitoring, reporting, and project close outs for grants and contracts with federal/state governments, private companies, and foundations. Sponsored Programs Accounting staff coordinates outside audits related to externally sponsored projects.

Sponsored Operations Office

The Sponsored Operations Office provides a business infrastructure to complement Vice President for Research Office operations. Support includes communicating and tracking proposal and award activity to administrative and academic units, and business services.