From the depths of the world's largest freshwater lake by surface to 279,743 square feet of research space. From the first ideas scrawled on a whiteboard to licensed life-changing technologies. Clouds made to order, cold-weather performance testing, detecting vitamins in human tears— our proving grounds provide results. Research at Michigan Tech brings faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, community, government, and industrial partners together to create the future.

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Play Tour the COVID-19 Testing Lab video
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Tour the COVID-19 Testing Lab

The safety of our community and lab workers is top priority. Here is how we ensure accurate and fast test results so that our health care workers can do their jobs.

Play The Changing Dynamics of the Isle Royale Wolves and Moose video
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The Changing Dynamics of the Isle Royale Wolves and Moose

When the wolf population rebounds, what happens to moose? MTU researchers have been studying the changing dynamics of Isle Royale wolves and moose for 62 years.

Superior Ideas: Bringing University Research and Public Service Projects to Life.

Have a lot great ideas but no funding? Looking for a great small project to fund? Crowdfunding makes great ideas reality and is ideal for small projects that are not independently suitable for grant funding or other traditional scholarly support methods. Superior Ideas gets projects out there and the funding coming in.

Breaking Digital Barriers

Female student working with Chalres Wallace on a laptop

Associate Professor of Computer Science Charles Wallace is rethinking cyberlearning top to bottom. He’s working with K–12 and undergraduate students, software development professionals, and senior citizens to improve how humans communicate and learn in computer-intensive environments.


Sustainability House - Phase 2

Sustainability House

The goal is to set up a Sustainable Demonstration House to serve as a resource for the broader community to learn about, test, and experience energy efficient/low carbon living. The residence will also incorporate waste reduction and sustainable gardening.



Meet a Center: Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences Institute (EPSSI)

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