Sponsored Operations Office

The Sponsored Operations Office is dedicated to providing a business infrastructure in support of the Vice President for Research (VPR) operations. Our main functions include management and support of the research database, data analysis, interpretation, reporting, general support in the day-to-day operations of the VPR office, and development and oversight of internal business and data processes utilizing Lean principles.

The Sponsored Operations Office maintains a database called TechTracS to track sponsored proposal and award activity for the University. TechTracS contains 30+ years of history. This data is used to provide information to other University resources and tools, as well as to keep deans, chairs, directors and other administrators apprised of these activities.

During fiscal years 2023-24, the Vice President for Research office is implementing a new cloud-based system called Cayuse for managing its portfolio of proposals, awards, technologies, inventions, conflict of interest, human and animal ethics, and institutional bio- and radiation safety activities. Work began on this implementation in August 2022.  Visit the Cayuse Implementation page for more information.

Requesting Proposal and Award Data

This office is the central source for data for University proposal and award activity. To receive proposal and award data on an ad hoc basis please complete a request form.  The Sponsored Operations Office strives to fulfill requests within 24-48 hours on business days. During periods of high request volume, additional time may be required. Please note that all requests for award expenditure data must be submitted to Sponsored Programs Accounting.

Sponsored Proposal Status Tracking Practices

Proposals are kept in pending status for a maximum of 14 months following its submission. The status is changed from "Pending" to either "Awarded"; or to "Declined", or to "Pending-WIP" if it is believed the funding may be awarded but there is some extenuating delay. The "Pending-WIP" eventually changes to "Awarded" or "Declined" based on the outcome of the proposal.

A proposal's status is obtained in two ways: