Husky Innovation Leaders Award

Students discussing a problem around a table

The world requires innovation—now more than ever. We need new ideas from the next generation of smart thinkers—like you—to help shape our world and create the future. 

Award Value

Up to fifty applicants will be selected to visit campus to explore the Pavlis Honors College. Participants will receive a $1,000 annual award and be automatically enrolled in the Pavlis Honors Pre-admission cohort. Opt in to "pitch your mission" for a chance to upgrade to a $5,000 annual award. Awards are renewable for up to four years (eight semesters) of study.

Essay Response

Which of the nine Pavlis Honors Abilities do you believe will be most challenging for you, and why? What are some initial ideas you have about how to push yourself to grow in this area? Your response should be 500-1,000 words (maximum 5,000 characters) in length.