Student Financial Services Center

Scholarships Sponsored by Individuals and Organizations

Criteria: Variable (merit based, need based, merit/need based). All students automatically considered for the awards for which they are eligible. Typically, a sponsored scholarship is any "named" scholarship.  Some examples: The Class of 1960, Robert M. & Virginia M. Anderson, Ted Rozsa Endowed, and Ford Blue Oval. 

Value: Variable

How to Apply: Students who have applied and been accepted for admission are automatically considered for most sponsored scholarships, with the exception of the following awards:

Scholarship      Deadline
Caterpillar Employee Endowed    February 28
Donald H. Makela Memorial Endowed    February 28
Lawrence Jacobson Scholarship    February 28
Lloyd W. Coombe DTE Energy    February 28
Michigan Tech's Becia AFSCME Scholarship    February 28
Michigan Tech Employees Children Endowed  

 February 28

North Central Minnesota Endowed  

 February 28

Northern Chapter of Michigan Society of Professional Land Surveyors Scholarship  

 December 1

Sentry Insurance Student Leadership Scholarship  

 March 15

Stephen Kahng Endowed  

 February 28

Taylor/Carr Annual for Mechanical & Mining Engineering    May 1

Thank you note requirement: Every recipient of a sponsored scholarship is required to submit a thank you note to the Donor(s) of the scholarship.  The purpose of this requirement is to show the generous donors to Michigan Tech that our students are grateful for the financial support they provide.   Students will be notified by email with directions on how to complete this requirement by the Scholarship Committee. NOTE: Aid will be withheld until this requirement is met. Please contact the Scholarship Committee at if you have any questions.