Home Away From Home

Houghton, Michigan. Home to Michigan's flagship technological university and safest public college in Michigan. For most Huskies, it's a long way from home (an 8-10 hour drive, on average). But once you get here, you'll see that this place is far from ordinary. Houghton becomes a home away from home—and with your classmates, you'll find a second family.

Meet some of our current students to see what this community means to them—and what it could mean to you, too.

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Listen to Huskies talk about their long way from home. Real talk with Husky in the Plaza

Meet Ayla Zambrano

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation | Grand Rapids, Michigan

What makes Michigan Tech special?

I am majoring in wildlife ecology and conservation. Not many places offered a major quite like this one...

Ayla Zambrano. smiling and holding a painted turtle
Ayla Zambrano
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Meet Sophie Owen

Electrical Engineering | Saint Johns, Michigan

Why did you choose Michigan Tech over closer schools?

I chose Michigan Tech because I absolutely love the surrounding area! I love being able to drive five minutes and go hiking or exploring. The Career Fair at Michigan Tech is a great opportunity to find a full-time position or internship. You can also network with companies there. 

Sophie Owen
Sophie Owen
Saint Johns, Michigan

Meet Caleb Kaminski

Geological Engineering | Manistee, Michigan

Why did you choose Michigan Tech over closer schools?

Michigan Tech boasts a certain higher degree of learning, something I was searching for. The location also fit my love for the great outdoors. It has become the best of both worlds!

Caleb Kaminski
Caleb Kaminski
Manistee, Michigan

Meet Morgan Smith

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology—Biology Focus | Weidman, Michigan

How did you make friends at Michigan Tech?

I made a lot of friends from my dorm hall! I also made friends in my classes and in the extracurriculars I got into.

Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith
Weidman, Michigan
How did you make friends at Michigan Tech?

I was a transfer student and I sat at a table [during Orientation] with other transfer students in the geology department who were also female. We all hit it off and three years later we continue to be best friends. 

Hannah H.
Is there anything winter or snow-related you love to do?

I absolutely love the amount of hockey rinks at local parks in the surrounding area. It's something that we don't have back home and introduced me to skating and playing hockey with friends.

Tom D.
Electrical Engineering