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Return on Investment

A Michigan Tech education is a smart investment in your future—and one that pays you back.

As you look at colleges, look at the value you will get from the opportunities and experiences available to you.

A Michigan Tech Difference

What's different at Michigan Tech and how does that benefit you compared to other schools you're considering? Read more below to find out about what Michigan Tech has to offer!

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Why Choose Michigan Tech?

Create Your Future

At Michigan Tech, you can customize your experience and earn a degree that pays you back.


Michigan Tech students have an average five year placement rate of 93 percent within six months of graduation (within their field of study) and are in the top 20 for highest early career salary in the nation at $67,400. In addition, we're ranked 18th in the nation for return on investment. More than 415 companies attend our Career Fairs each year.

Want to know more? Check out our Career Services to find out why so many companies want to hire Huskies.

Build Skills

Work on real projects on real teams starting your first semester. Design, build, communicate, and present. Use the same equipment found in industry and use it early in your college career. Build your resume your first year by developing skills and experiences employers look for through undergraduate research.

Opportunities to Grow

Dive into what interests you. Pavlis Honors College. Enterprise. Study abroad. Co-ops and internships across the country. At Michigan Tech, there are opportunities to grow and experiences that will help you—now and in the future.

Stand Out—Here and in Your Career

Our size gives you opportunities to stand out on campus. The education you receive allows you stand out in the workplace.

Professors Know You by Name

Our close-knit campus is great for learning, but also great when you're looking for a research opportunity or have questions about career goals. Thinking about grad school, med school, or law school? You'll need a letter of recommendation. Who better to write one than a professor who knows you and can speak to your work ethic and abilities?

Small Classes

You'll have some larger lectures at Tech, but the average class size is 25. For first-year students, it's 28. You'll know professors and they'll know you. Ask questions. Engage in discussions. And get more out of your classroom experience.

Distance from Home

We are far from just about everywhere. Believe it or not, there are great benefits in distance from home. Michigan Tech students solve problems and gain independence—qualities employers say make them more career-ready than graduates of other schools.

  • 110K
    hours of paid undergraduate research
  • 93%
    five-year job placement rate for graduates
  • Top 20
    early career pay in the nation
  • 150+
    Study Abroad locations around the world



Small classes. Friendly professors. Smart students.

Students with faculty member.