Students doing field research near a waterfall


Tenacity. It's a word you'll hear a lot at Michigan Tech.

Sure, it means getting through our tough winters. It also means tackling tough challenges in the classroom head on so you're prepared for what tomorrow needs. Don't worry, though—you won't be doing it alone. You'll learn from world-class faculty (who you'll get to know on a first-name basis) and have unparalleled access to labs, equipment, and research opportunities. Plus, you'll be surrounded by smart students who are just as curious and driven as you.

Find what makes you tick. Work hard. Change the world.

Choose from more than 120 degree programs and find an academic home where you can geek out with other students who love the same things as you.

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Join an Enterprise team and work on government- or industry-sponsored projects with an interdisciplinary group of students as early as your second year.

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Connect with industry through open-ended, industrial projects and gain the skills and experience that can launch you into a successful engineering career.

Participate in undergraduate research at Michigan Tech and expand your skill set, get paid, and build an impressive resume.

Immerse yourself in a learning experience like no other and gain a competitive advantage for initial career outcomes, promotions, or admission to graduate and professional programs.

Select an honors pathway or design your own honors program and build an extraordinary life fueled by curiosity, grit, and entrepreneurial spirit.

  • 120+

    undergraduate programs

  • 150
    Study Abroad locations around the world
  • 132K

    hours of paid undergraduate research

  • 20+
    Enterprise teams across all disciplines for students to join
"It’s a nerd school in the best possible way. I knew I wanted to be here."Tessa Steenwinkel, Biochemistry (already an award-winning medical researcher)